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Bold Bangles

There are several staples that I believe all fashionable women must own. Longer tank tops, a crisp white button down, wide leg black pants…. I could seriously keep going if someone didn’t stop me so I will stop myself. Let me re-direct my focus to a specific area of fashion, say jewelry? Sure, why not.

Gold bangles are a dream accessory because they literally go with everything. They add style to any basic ensemble, they add a pop to your simple summer dress and they even work with your over the top, overly embellished “everybody look at me” dress. Basically, they work with simple, they work with crazy, they work with classic, they work with funk, they work with, well, YOU!

The other fantastic thing about these little gems is that you can find them anywhere. I don’t care where you live in the world, these things are just around the corner. From Forever 21, to that expensive boutique to hand crafted markets… I bet you can even find these things in some off the beaten path African extravaganza. The point is that you can get them for 3 bucks or 300 bucks depending on what quality you are looking for.

I love these bangles shown here from Flutter by Jill Golden. They are simple with a touch of individuality which still allows them to be worn with anything, as previously mentioned. I love basic things to still be stand alone pieces. That, of course, does not mean that they need to stand alone! Mix these bad boys up with other random bracelets for a great eclectic look.

So ladies, if you have been reading my brilliant styling blog religiously you just might be the hottest chick on the block… And definitely the most stylish!

Flutter by Jill Golden$145- $185

I Love This Designer

Lailia is one of my newest finds that I am completely obsessed with. I was at their showroom today trying on their fabulous designs because as you New York women know, it is sample sale time! I am also lucky enough to be borrowing some of their amazing pieces for some upcoming TV appearances I have… Of course there will be more information about that coming soon…. Well, very soon since I leave on Thursday:)

Lailia was created by two sisters who obviously have a keen eye for not only design, but fantastic style as well. Their pieces literally hugged my curves in all of the right places. Most are architecturally fabulous, meaning that the silhouettes and cuts are impecable. They are truly made to fit a woman’s body.

Although this dress is from their upcoming Spring 2009 collection, definately check out their current lines for your perfect holiday dress. They really do design a full collection that has everything from cute work garments to black tie affair gowns. The quality is head and shoulders above most designers as well.

Although these two ladies are fairly new as a design team, they are definitely established in their own right. No humor here folks, these girls are the real deal.

Lailia Collection

Awesome Architechtural Heels

A few things really upset me; ice cream cones that melt too fast, men with skinny legs and people that complain about their fabulous curly hair to name a few… But nothing upsets me more than people that only have black and brown shoes because they don’t know what to do with “crazy” shoes. Well I am here to help you break that pattern! Love thy “crazy” shoes!

These pink booty high heels are bananas, as in, fabulously phenomenal. They are seriously ridiculous and might be a tad scary to most people. My roommate, who is sitting right next to me, told me she thought they were ugly, but then again she said, “You’re the expert”.

So here is my “expert” advice for how to truly rock this outstanding piece of architectural fashion. Don’t try and make them blend, they won’t. This is the stand-out piece of your look. There are several ways to make these look fantastic so that people will stop you on the street as opposed to whispering, “Who is the crazy person with the crazy fashion sense” to their friends.

Some possible options for stand-out shoes is to tone down the rest of your outfit. These shoes would be fabulous with all black, including black tights. What a sexy look for a holiday party! Because these are satin, they work for a dressy, funky evening outfit. Another option is to wear them with a simple solid pencil skirt and a printed silk blouse. Keep the craziness separate with the solid skirt in the middle and mix the hard edge of the architectural heel with the softness of silk. The third option is for a night of dinner and dancing. Throw on a skinny jeans, a slinky blouse and a single button blazer. Again, keep it solid aside from the blouse. The bottom half of your outfit should always be simple so the focus is on your “crazy” shoes.

So stop loving shoes and not buying them because you aren’t sure what to do with them. Everything has its fashion place and having an amazing online stylist to help you through your fashion journey certainly doesn’t hurt!

Alexia High Sandal Boot

The Best Present Ever…. ME!!!!

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