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Here Comes Resort wear!

I always love to start thinking about warm, sandy beaches right around this time because it is the only thing that will get me through this God forsaken time. Oy. Vacation is just a (very expensive) plane ride away, but if you dream it, it will be. I am dreaming very hard right now.

Apparently the stores dream very hard too because they love to stock up on resort wear sometime in November. They believe that we all take long cruises to Belize if they do. Alas, I will be happy taking a shotty vacation to the poor side of the Dominican Republic if it gets me away from the snow, as long as I look good doing it. Would I ever look any other way?

Packing for such an activity should always be easy. Light and airy clothing and very few layers. How big does your bag seriously have to be? If you are going anywhere fancy bring one pair of heels, if any. Vacation is about comfort and often times that means leaving uncomfortable footwear at home. Flats are dressy too! Go Grecian and lace those bad boys right up your leg, sexy. Grab a few tanks, some flowy skirts and maybe a cute pair of shorts. Of course flouncy sun dresses, just like this one from DVF, are perfect as a cover-up or a dress for dinner. The real key to packing correctly for vacation is about the accessories. In a temperature when layering is impossible, you can add your own flair with fun and crazy beaded necklaces or very bold earrings. You will probably have your hair up half the time anyway because of the heat so what a great way to draw attention to yourself! Accessories are the easiest thing to pack and you can never bring to many. Stop the overpacking craziness and save yourself the newly implemented baggage fee. You’ll show them! Just don’t forget to pack a portable steamer to unwrinkle all of your great sheer, flowy garments. That damn thing will save your life, trust me.

Photo courtesy of Style.com

The First Couple on Inauguration Day

Come one, come all and see how AWESOME our new first couple is! As they made their way through “The Ball Crawl” (aptly titled by moi), the new era of hope was definitely ushered in by more than just words… The Obama’s brought style and grace to their new titles.

Now, of course you cannot expect me to make a few comments that may not be so complimentary even though I do fully support not only the new cabinet, but the new reign of Presidential style. Michelle my bell, your dress, by Jason Wu (who was a student at Parson’s in NYC. He hit the jackpot!) was way too long. Seeing as the evening is literally you prancing through Washington D.C., dancing your way into American’s beloved hearts, you probably should have been able to move without tripping over your own gown. Big flaw. I am glued to my television for only so long watching you and the President bounce back and forth with only slight separations to cutely stare into one another’s eyes. Sweet, but I want some ball room dancing moves! Kick “Dancing with the Stars” ass, show ’em what you are made of!

The other faux pas of the look was truly that the silhouette was not that flattering. Michelle’s arms are something to be envied, but she does have wider hips. She is a real woman damn it and I appreciate that, but finding the right style for her is often harder than if she were a model. Duh? The skirt of her dress needed a bit more stucture and less draping. Due to the high-waist/draping skirt combo, she actually accentuated her larger bottom half. A more stuctured bottom half, still with the high-waist, would have focused on her small mid-section and not her hips.

Now Mr. President… Damn! If you weren’t married, I swear:) Talk about dapper for your big debut! I loved, loved, loved the white bow tie. The single button blazer didn’t look half bad either and certainly helped make his skinny frame look more robust. The custom made Hart Schaffner Marx tuxedo was dead on.

Overall these two just looked classy, appropriate, presidential, ready to kick ass and well, HOT! It is a good time right now to be a (stylish) American!

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

Sasha and Malia on Inauguration Day

Oh boy do I love well-dressed children. The first family girls stood out in colorful frocks from J Crew highlighting their overall accessibility by wearing clothes “we the people” can actually own! It was their very first day as the princesses of the United States and they were certainly dressed for the part. With matching ribbons and interesting color combinations, these girls will definitely be the toast of their new school and not just because of their very important last name. They each looked individual and comfortable while showing off how fashion can be done appropriately for children. Everyone should take a note from these gals, you can look your age and look amazing doing it! Jill Biden needs to be taught a lesson or two by Sasha and Malia:)

Photo courtesy of AP Photo: January 20th, 2009

Jill Biden on Inauguration Day

Where was I when poor Jill Biden needed me? I am a bad US citizen allowing such an inauguration day fashion crime to occur. Clearly she found a fabulous red coat to cover up her outfit from her night job… She should have remembered a change of shoes. I am so mean.

Here is a styling note for all of you out there who trust my style judgment: If you own a pair of boots such as these, get rid of them. You know them, the kind that is stretchy and does not need a zipper to get them on and off. The kind that flop over because there is no structure through the leg of the boot. U. G. L. Y. and C. H. E. A.P. You are the vice president’s wife, we know you have the benjamins! Never, ever should a woman of this age (she is not old, just too old to be wearing these) and at this event be showing her knees. If she had just added an opaque pair of black tights the outfit would have been WAY more acceptable. Not right, just acceptable. Stop telling me I am a bitch, I may be mean, but at least I am right:)

Aretha Franklin’s Hat is Fabulous

I am sure that people are going to hate this hat. Just loathe the thing. But folks, I freakin’ love it. She is Aretha Franklin damn it! She is big, gray and beautiful. An outfit to match her voice indeed. I just wish that dressy hats would come back so I can put a big bow on my head too. Kentucky Derby here I come, bow and all. Sing it Aretha!