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The Universal Bag

The man purse is a reality boys so just get over it, realize that often times you have as much crap as us chicks so just put it somewhere already! The messenger bag is a completely acceptable option that your boys will just have to deal with. Hell, they probably own one, take it out, dance around with it in front of the mirror and then let their insecurity overshadow their need and put it back in the closet.

This style of bag is not only a lifesaver for men, but it is my personal purse of choice on days when both of hands are extremely needed. For most people, especially women with babies, this is an everyday occurrence. Stop the ugly bag madness and pick up a stylish and completely functional messenger bag for yourself!!!

The reality is that we will always have stuff, lots and lots of stuff. The day when they make a wallet that folds up from a tote to the size of your back pocket will be a glorious occasion. I will be the first to tell the world of this miraculous product, but until then you are forced to look stylishly secure carrying around this universally awesome bag. Don’t be scared, pick a material that suits your needs and style capability. Vinyl is a great choice for the more casual man while this camel leather works for a more evolved (male) fashionista. Either way, remember that your buddy that makes fun of you probably still has his mother shopping for him:)

Kenneth Cole Reaction Risky Business

Simply and Sexy

We all have those moments when everything we put on looks like crap. I look fat, I look bloated, I look pale, hell, I just look like a horse’s patoot. We should all have a go-to outfit that saves our day just like Superman saved Lois. We will refer to this as our superhero look, but stay away from the spandex.

We all should have certain staple items that allow our wardrobe to sing when we bring in our fabulous, off-beat garments that appear to go with nothing. Yes they do go with something, what you should already own! In this simple and sexy case, Kate Hudson is using what everyone should already possess, a crisp white shirt and a black pencil. Now, the specific styles can obviously vary based on your body type and preferences. This barely there mini isn’t necessarily being pulled out even on a casual Friday.

Styling is a personal choice, but owning these two basics to begin with will change your “I have nothing to wear” days forever! Thank the lord! This outfit is clearly representing a warmer side of life, but don’t fret, whip out your sexy high black boots and that sheer black tight with a line up the back. Keep it simple or go out strong with your choice of accessories. The simplicity of this look allows you to use it as a blank canvas. Hell, add a color belt to break up the middle and define your waist. Even show off your gams with an extremely high pair of electric blue pumps! Color is your friend when black and white make up your foundation. You are a sex pot, now buy the right basics to make sure you always have to ability to be one.

Picture courtesy of Celeblook.com

Flat Front Fab for Men

No more pleats damn it! Just as the high-waisted, side zip pants create a simply unflattering look for women, the pleated pant makes me queasy on men. For heaven’s sake, they barely even make the style anymore, yet somehow men have a sick radar that allows them to find a far off Kohl’s that has the last known pair of pleated pants available. Stop the madness.

You want to look hot, women want you to look hot and finally, designers are beginning to realize how un-hot the pleated pant is. It is a general rule of thumb that every new male client that I meet with will have a sufficient amount of oversized pleated pants that are begging me to burn them. As with jeans, for both men and women, it is better to own fewer better fitting pairs than overstocking on immense amounts of AWFUL trousers. Throw them out. Seriously.

Start out slow. Buy yourself fitted, not skinny, straight-leg, flat front, no cuff pants. Think three neutral pairs, black, charcoal and brown. Add in a few slight pinstripe pairs if you are feeling crazy. This pattern will still go with everything just as the solid styles as long as the pinstripe is fairly faint. Make sure that there is a single crease down the front of the leg. The final step is to go to a great tailor to make sure that they are hemmed to the proper length. There should be a slight break at your mid-front calf. Do not hem them too long or wear them too big, these are not for lounging around on a Sunday!!!

Liz Claiborne Tone-on-Tone Plaid Fulton-Fit Pants

Show Off Your Cojones… With a Watch!

Ah, the holidays are over and it is finally time to put away the credit cards…. Or is it? I am talking sales here people, BIG sales! This time of year is my favorite time of year to exercise one of my all-time best shopping strategies: Get the deal no matter what the season. Purchase the piece even if it wasn’t at the top of your list. If you found it and the price was right, God wanted you to have it. That’s right, there is divine intervention going on here.

Watches can be a sign of wealth, kind of like the bag you are carrying, but cut the crap here. It is just like a bag, buy one that is fabulous and reasonably priced. Wearing ten grand on your wrist might be a bit of overkill unless you are trying to overcompensate for something else… Let’s leave that up to the men though ladies:)

I love this particular watch because I am obsessed with the male inspired style working for women. Why can’t we wear the pants in the boardroom? Or the bedroom…. Truthfully, this is a mens watch. The funny part is that on a lady this watch looks fun and trendy adding a bit of bold to any look, while on a guy this would just look cheesy. It screams, “I really, really, really wish I lived in the era when Charlie Sheen kicked ass in “Wall Street”. This watch really lends itself to feminine power by making the bling aspect (the metal) a little too blingy for a (straight) guy. I would suggest purchasing a watch that is slightly over-sized for your own petite wrist. Go big, go bold, go gold.

Armitron Men’s Gold-Tone Sub Dial Watch