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Eco-Friendly Fashion: Canvas Totes

Al Gore changed my life. Really. After I watched his movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”, I was literally crying. I felt scared and mostly bad about how I was contributing living in this big, bad city of New York dumping most of my life away. I promptly began separating my trash for recycling and prepared for my new and more earth friendly life!

Now, lest you be concerned that this “new” life would be anything short of fabulously fashionable, think again. I am a huge shopper over at Whole Foods and am willing to spend a few extra dollars for better quality grub. Toting my fresh veggies and salmon is a tougher task living in a non-car friendly city so I had to evolve as a fashionable human being.

The canvas tote is our Eco-friendly answer to looking cute coming from the grocery store (or other locations where you will be carting stuff home). It is actually now recognized as stylish to be rocking a re-usable bag as opposed to answering the question, “plastic or paper?” No thanks, I’ve got my own! Fold this bag up to the size of an envelope and stuff it in your purse for later use. I assure you, your grandkids will be thanking you (and so will mother earth)!

Dogeared Canvas Tote

Salute an Officer! Sailor Jeans

Owning the perfect pair of jeans is probably one of the most difficult tasks that we have as a woman. How is it that we can go into a dressing room with 15 pairs to try on and we walk out feeling beaten and battered with nothing to show for it? Stop the madness.

The sailor jean is a quick answer to fix most ladies jean shopping problems. The high waist and flared leg allow for movement and comfort because you are not having to suck, tuck and squeeze yourself through your day. Shorter ladies must hem these to wear with heels because the overwhelming width of the leg will be too much for your petite frame. Unless you are at least 5’4″, buy some stacked heels in addition to your sailor jeans. Also, be sure to have a back pock or at least the illusion of one unless you have the perfect heiny of a twenty year old. Ah, the days….:)

This style also allows you to play with your funky sailor side (we all have one) as well. Jeans are a basic concept, but this design puts a spin on them that is definitely worth playing with. I am always screaming about adding your own personal flare to any look and here is a simple way to set yourself apart. Plus, during fleet week (one must live in NYC for this Labor Day extravaganza) it will be an easy way to have something in common with all of the cute sailors….

KUT Stretch Sailor Jeans


Sassy Spring/Summer Woven Clutch

We have already established time and time again that I love anything metallic. I cannot stress enough that it is the easiest and most stylish way to give your outfit a kick while not diverting attention away from your look. It can be a standout color choice, but truthfully it just adds that certain something that only exemplifies that you are a true fashion diva.

No matter what the season, the clutch and metallic colors will always be en vogue, so why not pair them together? This great gold woven clutch is a perfect boost to your Spring or Summer ensemble. Woven bags are going to be huge this season so why not pick one up for yourself. It will be a staple of you style this season so it will be well worth the money. You will not even be able to figure out the “cost per wear” figure because it will be in your pretty little hand so often!!!

Due to its extreme versatility, giving you specific styling tips on how to rock this bag seems ridiculous. Wear it with anything. I am (almost) completely serious. You can obviously tell if something looks off, but this bag will most likely fit in with most of your Spring/Summer outfits. From the easy breezy to the simple and sophisticated, this bag will shine like the top of your grandfathers bald head.

Soft Woven Metallic Clutch


Thank God Top Shop is Coming!!!!

I know you have all waited for it… Well, it is finally here. Top Shop is arriving in New York City. What is Top Shop you ask? It is God’s answer to affordable, funky, trendy clothing. I know you say there is H & M, Zara and Forever 21, but seriously, nothing compares to the styles from this wonderful import. The UK has provided us with several fantastic things over the years… The Beatles, beans for breakfast, Jude Law…. These all suck compared to Top Shop:)

You may have already heard of this joint because of one of their very famous designers, Kate Moss. She is known for her exquisitely interesting vintage look and she brings that fashion sense to this British chain. Even the celebrities have jumped on the band wagon of sporting inexpensive clothing on the red carpet (hell, we are ALL in a recession:) by mixing Top Shop designs with established high-end designers. My mantra goes red carpet! If you don’t live in NYC or plan on coming (to see me) anytime soon, don’t fret! Top Shop is on-line and you can purchase any of their fabulous frocks to amazingly architectural heels by the click of a button! Look like Kate Moss for less.

Kate Moss The Christmas Collection
Photo courtesy of Redcarpet-fashionawards.com