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Give your Suit a Punch!

I have worked with all different types of ladies in all shapes, sizes and lines of work. One of my favorite projects is when I start with a new client who is in the corporate world and the first thing out of their mouths is that they must be in suits and it is boring. No more boring suits!!!! Remember Miranda on Sex and the City? Um, yes you do. She is what I refer to as a creative conservative and is a prime example of how going to a suited-up office is not the end of your fashion world!

There is possibility in everything you wear as long as you put your own spin on it. You never want to stand out like you are about to attend fashion week (be realistic), but you do want your (very boring) co-workers to be impressed daily by your fashion talents. It is a small thrill, but worth the effort:)

A suit can be a painful purchase. You spend too much money on something that usually does not do your body justice. Stop the insanity and pick up something that IS flattering. A suit does not mean that you have to drape yourself in over-sized garments that are too long and have shoulder pads to boot. The fit is key, as always, but specifically when you are working with a suit because many designers tend to have you swimming in an unflattering silhouette.

Add your own flare, as this lovely model is showing, by pairing your interestingly tailored suit with fun and funky accessories. Play with the proportions and draping of the fabrics because again, wearing a suit does not equal boring. Getting dressed should be fun and fabulous no matter what the rules are. Recognize and respect the office ideals for dressing, but don’t be afraid to push the envelope with one or two truly original and fun pieces. From a great statement necklace to over the top shoes, your simple touch of fun will put you head and shoulders above the rest. Break through the glass ceiling of fashion!!!!

Victoria’s Secret Origami Skirt in Seasonless Stretch
Long Jacket in Seasonless Strech
Paco Gil Two Tone Sandals

Earrings with a Kick!

If you are ever traveling the country and you can’t think of what to buy me, let me give you a hint… Accessories are the way to my heart. I HATE receiving those stupid little pieces of nothing that you thank the person for, because you are kind, even though you know it will eventually end up in the trash. What am I going to do with a teddy bear holding a state flag from Arizona?

Instead, do yourself and the recipient of your traveling gift a favor, buy them something they will love and use! Themed gifts from your outward bound trip are much appreciated as long as they have real life possibilities. Almost every place that we travel is known for something, good tequila (Mexico), awesome bath products (Israel), or jewelry (The Southwest)!!!!!! Buying a useful present that is a representation of the amazing experience you have just been on is a perfect way to let your friends and family enjoy it with you!!!

These earrings are stunning and would compliment most any Summer outfit. Turquoise jewelry is definitely a simple way to stamp a theme on your outfit. They are fun, they are interesting and basically, they seriously give your ensemble that kick you are always looking for! They are a show piece. If you are crazy, feel free to add your own flavor with an additional pair of moccasin boots for the full-on effect. Otherwise, just throw on a white T-shirt and call it a day… Your earrings will do the talking.

Zuni Chandeliers

Maxi Dress Mania!!!!

I love comfort. I love style. I love comfort and style. I love the maxi dress because it is comfortable and stylish. Are we seeing a pattern here?

The maxi dress is this year’s answer to last season’s shapeless moo moo dress. People will no longer mistake you for being three months pregnant, but will rather show envy for your fabulous, flowy frock. This dress is sexy and yet completely appropriate for almost any age and body shape! I love stylish ideas that work for everyone.

This particular dress was passed along to me from an avid reader and I couldn’t pass up sharing it with the rest of the world! It is earthy, it is bold, it is sassy. I absolutely love the combination of the bohemian earth child pattern with a fifties style belt. It gives the dress a certain sophistication and defined shape while not taking away from the easy, breezy Summer feel. Adding bold, bronze bangles adds to the “hippie” look. Choosing wooden accessories is also a great option, just make sure to use earthy, neutral materials. Go and be comfortable and stylish!

Alice and Olivia Maxi Tank Dress

The Updated Boho Chic for Spring

Moo moo dresses are done damn it, I have declared it so! Of course this does not mean that loose and airy clothes for Spring are not still on the fashion radar. Spring and Summer (and the rest of the months too as far as I am concerned) will always be about comfort. The difference this year, as opposed to the last few, is that the silhouettes will not allow your acquaintances to question if you are preggers. Put the pregnant fashion back.

As Sienna Miller is showing so perfectly here, you outfit must have shape and a clearly defined body lurking somewhere under your ensemble. She has done several things very well here: First off, she is off-setting the bounce and flow of the top half with a very slender jean on her bottom half. If jeans this tight are not your thing, you CANNOT wear a very over-sized top! You will just look like a big balloon if you try and wear big items with big items unless you are rail thin and even then it truly isn’t that flattering.

Secondly, Sienna is defining her shape by adding a cropped vest to her flouncy top. This additional piece hangs nicely below her bust (otherwise known as an empire cut) drawing attention to the chest area. This is always a good idea when you wear a top that could overwhelm your petite frame. The vest fits perfectly because it is snug around her arms and then hangs in such a way that compliments the flowy nature of the shirt without having an excess of material. The two tones of the garments are earthy and complimentary to one another, plus, the difference of color again defines her shape even more.

Adding in a larger bag and simple ballet flats make this a completely stylish and appropriate dog-walking outfit! No one ever said wearing sweatpants to walk your dog was alright, just pretend that the paparazzi are right around the corner at all times to put your mug in US Weekly… I know I always do:)

Photo courtesy of Soundoffcolumn.com

"Plus" Size Style

Honestly I only use the term “plus” because it is a societal way of referring to woman of a certain “curve” level, but this is ridiculous. Who is to say what “plus” is? Certainly not a size 14 when the average woman in this country fits quite comfortably into that category! None the less, as a stylist who has worked with woman ranging in size from a 2 to a 20, it is seriously annoying that most designers don’t recognize “plus” woman!!!! If anyone watched the show “Ruby”, you know that a woman of any size wants to feel feminine and sexy. From the monetary standpoint, if most woman in this country are a “plus” size, wouldn’t you want to sell, sell, sell?!?

Aside from Lane Bryant and Michael Kors plus sizes, there are few creations that don’t appear to be over-sized garbage bags. Truthfully, they are getting better, but there is still a long way to go. Shop on-line ladies, this is where companies are starting to branch out most into plus size clothing. Old Navy is a perfect example. They sell cute, easy and comfortable clothing that is on par with the “skinny” sizes and compliments your fabulous, curvy shape!

Take this little frock for example. I promote the button-down dress for all of my fabulous clients, no matter what their size! It is a great basic that is quite flattering. This silhouette is a great example of how a boat neck and empire waist can truly be your friend. An above the knee, A-line bottom half is also very complimentary because it draws the attention upward to just under your bust line. It also allows for movement and comfort on your lower half. The great rouching detail on the top half of the dress keeps it loose and simple without clinging to all of your jiggly parts! Un-button one button on the top, as this model did, to show your sexy side. DO NOT put your girls out there to try and draw attention away from the rest of your curve! It is not only not flattering, but it just looks flat out trashy. Dress appropriately, dress for your body type.

Old Navy Women’s Plus Size Smocked Shirt Dress