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Elizabeth and James by Olsen Sisters

It truly does amaze me that these two young girls, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, have created and maintained an empire. When am I going to watch them crash and burn damn it!?! The other insane factor is that I actually like everything that they are doing from the way they dress (alright, it is not always perfect!) to their two clothing lines. Yes, I said two. Thank God they decided that acting should be the smaller sub-set of their careers because I really do think that fashion is their strong suit. Two very talented, pint-size gals.

They run both Elizabeth and James and The Row. Elizabeth and James has some very chic and classic foundation pieces while The Row is more of an upscale line of t-shirt style garments. Either way, my high-end clients love their stuff. It isn’t even a faux pas to wear this stuff, they actually sell it at the best stores in town. Full House stylin’ has come full circle!

The quality is top-notch and any piece is worth being your splurge item for the season. They are long-lasting basics that will get you through the fashion storm well into the future. I promote spending money when it is completely useful and realistic and shopping the Elizabeth and James line (named for their siblings) is totally worth it.

Elizabeth and James Comfort Technical Chiffon Dress

Rachel Bilson Does Shorts-Chic Right

Rachel Bilson might be one of my favorites little fashionistas in Hollywood. She just always seems to get it right and put your own spin on it at the same time. She is young, trendy, hip, stylish , sexy and fun, all without looking like she is trying too hard. And she is now writing a column for InStyle as well so clearly others agree!

This outfit is a perfect example of how she effortlessly pulls things together. It is really just basics that she put a twist on. Everyone within her age range should own these foundation pieces, jean shorts, a white tank top and a longer sweater. The combination of throwing them together with easy longer chains and an off-set color of brown shoes is the difficult part. Or is it? Her outfit seems so simple and yet there is the touch of interesting, calming colors and earthy materials that make it her own. Her choice of an over-sized purse make it completely accessible and a realistic ensemble for everyday fashion.

Rachel Bilson always seems to get it right and this is just another glowing example. So pull out your basics and see what simple and chic combinations you can come up with. You may not have paparazzi following you around to document your every look, but isn’t that what Twitter is for anyway?

Photo courtesy of urbanupdater.com

A Rockin’ T-Shirt

Summertime is seriously about ease. It is hot and humid and not everyday is meant to be a fashion show. This DOES NOT mean that you can’t look cute everyday! I own about a million t-shirts to just “throw on” when I am not feeling all that fancy because I am busy sweating (so hot, literally).

Roxy is one of my favorite brands that is still not so mainstream…. This is if you don’t live near a beach. It is the greatest surfer brand that I discovered years ago when I was backpacking through the sandy parts of the Australian coast. Love it and the brand. It is easy, chic, fun and most of all, surfer sexy. What the hell is surfer sexy you ask? A bit of sass, a bit of color and the perfect fit. Putting on one of their garments instantly makes you feel like you are actually capable of riding a wave. Even if you still can’t, at least you will look good.

Picking up fun t-shirts along your travels, be it through your own town or the world, is a no brainer. There will never be a reason not to own fun and fitted gems. But, there is a big no-no to this rule: Do not get all of the free and or bad local “this is where I went on vacation” t-shirts. They will linger in your drawer as possible pajama shirts and even then they most likely will not get worn. They end up overflowing out of your dresser and finally you succumb to giving them away with tears in your eyes because of the overwhelming memories. Oy. Just buy cute fitted t-shirts and you will avoid this entire drama!!!!

Roxy Feathery Goodness Tee

Something Borrowed: Vintage Veils

  • by Amy Salinger
  • June 16th, 2009
  • My Style

Let’s talk recession proof wedding style. Is there any better way to look fantastic and give a shout out to your mom than with her borrowed veil? I think not! You have covered three bases in one, something borrowed, acquiring a headpiece and spending NO money! I love innovative styling!

Many women have nothing to do with their beautiful gown and veil after the big day. They pack it up and tuck it nicely underneath the bed hoping that one day they will have a daughter who will wear it proudly. One huge problem, the likely hood that your daughter will not only be the same size, but actually like the dress is next to impossible! Styles come and go and trying to don a dress exactly as it was around 30 years after its original wear is a difficult task.

So, what better way to show off your mother’s beautiful wedding taste than to re-wear her veil and skip over the dress. There are options to re-work it in order to modernize it without taking away the heartfelt sentiment. Adding in a new head piece such as a broach, comb or crown is the simple way to make it your own and still show mommy that you love her.

Everyone is trying to cut corners no matter where the spending is happening, so why not think outside of the box for your wedding day as well. There are plenty of vintage pieces lurking around your grandmother and mother’s closets so jump on them fast! Work them not only into your wedding look, but your everyday look as well!

Photo courtesy of Queensofvintage.com