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Best Dress at MTV Movie Awards

Well, it is better late than never….. I knew I had a post to write! This dress may have been controversial because of how many cut-outs there were (her tush is definitely exposed), but I thought she looked amazing. And this is my blog to rant and rave on, isn’t it? I love a place where my opinions are king!

This girl is hot, let’s just face it. She is obsessed with wearing really short things and why not? She has the awesome legs to pull it off. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she is young and at the top of her career. Bitch. Just kidding Leighton, I love you.

This dress by Emilio De La Morena is one of the hottest pieces I have seen in a while. It definitely hits the mark without revealing too much (aside from a hint of a butt cheek as previously mentioned). It is the LBD gone insanely right. Clearly you cannot be any bigger than a size 4 to wear this very tight little number. Leighton seems to have been working out.

Her boots are Brie by Brian Atwood and damn girl, they are HOT. It is a little late in the season to be wearing booties, but she seems to do it effortlessly. I have a “no boots past mid-may” rule, but she has broken it well. They are quite simply the perfect compliment to her sexy mini. They are actually a purple suede that you can’t see in this shot. Ug, another rule broken and done so well. I also try and veer away from suede in the warmer months. But as they say, rules are made to be broken and I say, “especially in fashion”. If you can make it work, then you really are the fashionista you claim to be!!!

Photo courtesy of JustJared.com

Great Blog: The Daily Julie

  • by Amy Salinger
  • June 12th, 2009
  • My Style

Yes folks, I have found another great blog. Why do I love this blog? First things first, lots of fashion. From Julie’s everyday ensembles to her favorite finds, she has a quirky and eclectic sense of style. And, as she so eloquently puts it, “I’m just a 27 year old southern woman trying to navigate her way through life.”Real, stylish and most of all, fun! Check her out at The Daily Julie.

A Bikini for DDD! That’s right, I found it.

I love to help a friend out and this was my most recent query, “Where the hell do I find a bikini that will fit my medium sized body and size DDD chest???”. Well, I found it. And why not share it with the world since I am sure there are many other busty women who have this same annoying problem. You want to look hot on the beach, show off your curves and not be spilling over. I don’t think that is too much to ask!

Well curvy ladies, Shoshanna Loenstein is here to save your day…. And accentuate your God-given gift! Who is this amazing designer who has made a career out of helping busty women in this world? You may remember her from years ago when an older Jerry Seinfeld picked up a hot NYU student who was a mere 18…. Well she is all grown up now and has a thriving fashion design company. She is also a member of the “over DD” size club and felt the very pain that all of the others felt while out shopping. So, she did something about it.

This bikini is a perfect option for curvy ladies who want to feel secure and sexy at the same time. Nothing is going anywhere in this style top. It gives you wide coverage while showing a bit of cleavage because of the cinched center. As opposed to a plain bandeau top that leaves you with one big boob, this top is complimenting the bust perfectly. You can now run down the beach Bo Derek style and not worry about anything going anywhere! Braids not included.

Shoshanna “Tulum” Floral Bow Bandeau Bikini

Brunch: A Stylish Morning Tradition

Ah, the morning after. It is often daunting to try and be stylish after a long night of fun. It is the time when people feel it is alright to put fashion aside and just pull out what is closest and easiest to get to. Stop! Just stop right there! Simple fashion is just that, simple. So I just don’t want to hear anymore excuses about how it was too difficult to find something cute. Summer is quite possibly the easiest and most convenient stylish season of all and brunch is the perfect time to show it off!

The sundress will forever be the one piece wonder that exemplifies class, elegance, trend and style. It is the brainless wonder child of designers all over this great earth. For as much as women love to fuss over their outfit, there are some days that we just don’t. Love thy sundress. It is the answer to all of your, “I don’t feel like getting dressed today” prayers.

There is no layering, no blousing, no tucking, no anything to make this fantastic garment just that, fantastic. It is simple elegance at its best and requires nothing more than a cute pair of shoes, maybe a bobble or two and a bag. Pulling together these pieces should not hurt too much.

So don’t fret about your fabulous brunch ensemble, dress to impress in the most simple way possible, a sundress. Your friends will quickly compliment you on how fabulous you look even though your prep time was most likely less than 20 minutes. Everyday does not have to be a fashion show even though you can always look like it!!!

Banana Republic Cotton Embroidered Shift Dress

Trendy Fun: Top Shop hits the Mark

Top Shop is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I just went there last week (I wanted to avoid the craziness when it first opened) and it was definitely a fun experience. Positives: Fun and trendy items that were not TOO expensive. The quality is better than H & M. Negatives: Slightly TOO expensive for what you actually expected. The overly trendy pieces scarred me and are apparently their best sellers! Oy.

What I did find though are some cute and sassy pieces to brighten up your wardrobe immediately. This isn’t exactly the place you go for foundation pieces, but if you are looking a pick-me-up piece, this is your spot. It really was a pretty good experience even if I did get yelled at for being a stylist. Apparently this very fancy store has their own in-house “style advisers” who don’t want you stepping on their toes. Truth be told, sales people always welcome my presence because I bring them lots and lots of money. Hello 20 year old salesgirl, I am here to make you money so stop your whining. Alright, I feel better.

This cute sailor dress is just an example of the fun and cheeky garments Top Shop is now offering NYC. A one piece skirt and top combo, it is a mindless pick for those days that getting dressed seems overly daunting. The fit was actually fantastic and the material was quite comfortable. It is a complete knock-off of a Theory dress, but isn’t that why you are shopping at Top Shop anyway? If short skirts aren’t your thing then this store is not for you. I could not find a skirt past my client’s lower thigh in the entire store. Seriously.

So, if you want trendy and cute clothing that is mid-range quality with mid-range prices, this is your store. Have fun dressing like Kate Moss.

Stripe Block Poplin Dress