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Shopping with Someone Else’s $

  • by Amy Salinger
  • June 5th, 2009
  • My Style

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Everybody has their good days and their bad days, but overall, my life is pretty ridiculous. Let’s be honest, I designed it that way. Here is a basic fact: I get paid to shop with other people’s money. Now here is the way I read that: I get paid to shop until my heart is content feeding off the thrill of the hunt and loving beautiful clothing, enjoying the rush AND actually making money to do it. Isn’t buying it more than half the fun anyways?

When you love all things fashion related, shopping on someone else’s dime really does help feed your addiction. Example number one: Do you see the ten pairs of shoes pictured that I bought, but didn’t personally pay for? From Louboutin to Prada, they make me salivate just looking at them. I often joke that I have not made it until I am actually able to shop like one of my clients. No, my closet is not full of Louboutin’s:(yet).

Now although shopping at Barney’s is always a treat, I do shop mostly at the more realistic stores on a more realistic budget. My speech goes something like this, “I shop anywhere from Loehmann’s to Neiman’s, it just depends on the client’s budget”. Truthfully, the best shopping is done when you mix it up. Why do you think high powered celebrities love to hit the flea markets? They have all the money in the world and even they love to get a good deal.

So, if ever you are shopping in NYC or Chicago and coming soon, Columbus, OH, I am there to guide you:) Hell, I also travel to your great parts of the universe. As one of my fabulous clients told me yesterday while shopping at Top Shop, “I don’t shop without you, why would I when you buy all of the “right” things and I actually wear it all?” A good ego booster never hurt, but I really do hear that all of the time.

Truthfully, the best part about it all (aside from playing with pretty clothes) is that people leave feeling differently about themselves. I actually feel like I have done some good in this world by slowly boosting people’s self-esteem and letting them see how fabulously beautiful they really can look!!!!

Sass N Style Facebook Fan Page

  • by Amy Salinger
  • June 4th, 2009
  • My Style

Sass N Style finally has a Facebook fan page! Oh please become my friend, I don’t want to look like a loser. I am sassy. I am stylish. I am definitely worth being a fan of! I am trying to build a fashion empire while being completely technically un-inclined. Please support me as I need strong encouragement sitting at my daunting computer. Sass N Style wants to be friends with you!:)

She’s Stacked… Lots and Lots of Rings

You know I love to layer. Lots and lots and lots of things together is so much fun! Not too much now ladies, let’s not go crazy. Just enough to stand out in a fabulously wonderful way.

If you are a follower of this blog you also know that I love to dig in the trenches to find a great new purchase. That piece that jumps out at me and WANTS me to put it on. I usually oblige, why fight it? Flea markets are full of incredible things that are thrown by the wayside like yesterday’s trash. TRASH!?! My ultimate favorite is when the vendor just dumps a pile of jewelry on a table with no rhyme or reason and it literally stares up at you so full of sadness. No need to cry jewelry, I want to buy you!

With the stacked ring trend sweeping the nation, the price tag can sometimes get out of hand. Buying 4 or 5 rings at a time is expensive! So let’s think outside of the box here, as I often do, and dig deep into nana’s jewelry box. Stop by that estate sale down the street, they clearly don’t want it anymore so it is up to you to negotiate! Get those stackable rings and don’t buy them all in one place. This is a mission folks and you are on it. Think about it as a treasure hunt for fantastic jewelry. I can’t think of a better reason to go on a treasure hunt!

As time passes and your hunt continues, so will your finger full of stackable rings. I have a friend who created her own beautiful stack from ended marriages (not hers:) and childhood presents. All real, all fabulous and (mostly) all free! Her hunt took some time, but it was certainly worth the wait.

Of course if hunting ain’t your thing, you can go out and buy a set just like these Juicy rings and call it a day:)

Juicy Couture “Dazed and Coutured” Stackable Rings

Sizzlin’ Summer Scarves

The summer scarf is hot, hot, hot! Literally, I am hot just looking at it. I have my own personal issues with heat (I don’t like it), but I will definitely promote wearing this sassy accessory for less heated individuals:)

I am all about simple. With a season full of less clothing, it is of vital importance that you load up on accessories. It is the quick and easy way to make a tank and shorts look polished. With the summer scarf trend sweeping the world, isn’t it time that you stocked up and got ready for the big, bad summer?

I have actually gotten several requests for a Sass N Style episode showing many fabulous ways to tie this little garment. Here is the issue; There is truly only so many ways a loose and flowy summer scarf can rock out. It is literally just meant to be tossed around your neck and look messy yet stylish. This style to the right is probably the most complicated of all of the ties and it really is still only one knot. Simply fold the large square scarf in half, drape the bottom part of the triangle downward and tie behind your neck. And voila, you have a sassy scarf tied oh so sassily around your neck. I am a scarf tying magician!

So raid nana’s old stuff (I am sure there is a few choice scarves floating around), go to H & M, even hit up your local Goodwill store. These are all prime places to pick up your next great scarf and there is no need to spend Hermes prices!

Photo courtesy of msn.com

Something Blue…. For Your Wedding!

  • by Amy Salinger
  • June 2nd, 2009
  • My Style

Rarely do brides think outside the box when it comes to the age old traditions of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. Well, here is your chance! I am all about promoting new and fantastic ways to be the most original (and stylish) bride possible. Open your mind, broaden your horizons and just go there… Wherever “there” might be!

I love colored shoes. Be it date night or your wedding night, it is a sure fire way to liven up your look and get hearts racing. Your future husband and wedding guests may be prepared for the big, white dress, but the blue shoes will definitely make a splash. The most fabulous part about showing off your “something blue” in this manner, is that for most gowns you can’t even see your shoes until you sit down to take off the garter! I love a good surprise at any wedding:)

So put your traditional side forward and make way for your sassy side to actually get you down the aisle…. The greatest part about purchasing your “something blue” shoes is that they will actually get some use after the big day! Ah, recession proof tradition.

Moda in Blue Pelle Satin Peep Toe Stacee Shoes