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You CAN Own Tall Boots

Having worked with every size person on this planet (or pretty close to it), I can tell you that feet are always the biggest issue. “I can’t wear heels. I will only wear heels. My feet are too wide. My feet are too narrow. My feet are too ugly, cover them up.” The most common problem I have come across though is that people have the most trouble finding boots that fit their calves! It really is a wonder that more shoe designers have not taken this into account when creating their lovely lines for women of all shapes and sizes. That is until Michael Kors got smart…..

Let me begin this mission to find the perfect boots for your possibly not so perfect calves with a basic statement, I HATE STRETCH BOOTS. I have made this feeling pretty clear to anyone that will listen. They are tacky and cheap looking no matter how much you pay for them. For those of you that have followed my blog for a while, you might remember the new one that I tore Jill Biden the day of the inauguration. What on earth did this sophisticated, mature woman think she was doing in this ensemble? Pretty from the knees up, but everything on the bottom was a big ol’ mess. She has the opposite problem from most women, her calves are too skinny. That is still no excuse to pull these Payless style shoes out for the biggest day in this countries history. Ug, oy, gross, yuck. No offense Payless:)

So now that I am done complaining, let me give you the solution: This year’s line of Michael Kors boots. For curvy calves, for skinny calves, by gone it, he has done it. Or at least his team of designers has done it. He combined stretch material and leather to create a wearable boot for most any size calf. This combination allows the boots to remain stylish and sophisticated while still being realistic for ALL calves. Thank you Michael.

From the dressy version above to these more casual versions, he really hit the nail on the head. I am obsessed with riding boots and motorcycle boots because they add a bit of fun and theme to your look without overpowering it. You should have a good time with your footwear! Black boots do not equal boring. Don’t ever give up on finding the perfect basic that will stand on it’s own and be noticed by all of those around you. Not only are these boots stylish, but they really will be the answer to all of your calf problems. I accept all thank you’s very graciously, I have saved many before and now I have done it again….:) You’re welcome.

Kinkade Small Heel Tall Leather Boots: $199.99 SALE
Bromley OTK Flat Boots: $250
Audrina Stretch Boots: $84.95

My Big Day at Bendels

I love fun and fabulous days! I had a meeting yesterday at Henri Bendel which was a great excuse to play in the store for an hour and a half. Yes, that is work to me! I was lucky enough to have a personal, guided tour from their very stylish marketing director. I was introduced to every designer, jewel, bag, scarf and anything else amazing that you can think of. A very good day if I might say so myself.

Just as Bendel’s promotes, it is like a playground for the fashionable lady. So basically it is the very upgraded version of the feeling you used to get when you saw a McDonalds with a playground attached to it. Ooooh, I love that feeling! Everything is completely accessible so that you can try it on and see how much you really love it! I loved quite a bit yesterday…. The benefit and danger of their “only accessories” store, is that you really can afford most bobbles they are dangling in front of your face. It is truly the perfect “emergency shop” store. Quite simply, if you are having one of those days where you must buy something or you will die, this is the place to do it. No guilt attached because you did not break the bank!

My newest fun, favorite item is headbands. Love them. How stinkin’ cute are they if you can really pull them off? I know I am 30, but I am a stylist and I look young so damn it, I am gonna do it! Don’t I look so completely Blair Waldorf in this picture? Obviously I came in with the necklace, because these two crazy and fabulous pieces DO NOT belong together! I am on the search for the perfect headband right now… With all of the choices, I have to be meticulous about finding the exact right one. The benefit of my job (besides the fact that it is awesome), is that I can really search for what I want because I am always out looking at beautiful things. I do not have a time crunch to find things for myself. Lucky me:)

And don’t forget about bags! They are one of the most important accessories you can own, if not THE most important. I ran into (literally) these amazing Rebecca Minkoff bags and immediately fell in love. It was actually at first sight, I saw them from across the room and that was it, it was over. They are edgy and interesting, yet they would easily compliment any outfit without competing with it. This is the sign of a really great bag that will be worth the investment. Can it stand alone as a fantastic piece and mesh with everything you own? If the answer is yes, swipe the credit card, you need to own it.

I love accessories, I am now totally obsessed with Henri Bendel and you should be too. Fun, fabulous pick-me-up pieces mixed with higher end goodies make this a one-stop-shop for everything trendy, glamorous and chic.

Visit the Henri Bendel’s site to learn about everything fabulous!

The Infinity Scarf: It just keeps going

There is always a new fashion craze and this time, the infinity scarf is it. I love when the wheel is re-invented. Just when you thought a scarf is a scarf is a scarf, they think of something brand new! Fun for me and fun for you.

I got one of these little goodies and began my afternoon of seeing what magical things I could do with it. How many ways can you wear the infinity scarf? I managed to create quite a few wearable options. I love the idea that something is not only comfy and cozy, but completely versatile and functional.

So here goes for the fashion show of me and my infinity scarf!

Basic, basic, basic. It ain’t interesting, but it works. Don’t I look like the model?:) You really need to feel this yummy piece in person, so delicious.

A great way to wear it if you are chilly once you wonder inside. Pull your infinity scarf down around your shoulders and look stylishly warm. I hate when it is too cold inside! This way you don’t have to completely cover up your fabulous outfit by keeping on your coat, your scarf becomes part of your look!

This version reminds me of my former days as a competitive ice skater. Even if I had on a little ice skating dress, my neck always seemed to be cold! Wrap this little piece around your neck twice and you have an insta-neck warmer!

I feel like a winter princess wearing the scarf this way. I usually feel like a princess in my own mind, so this way everyone else is in on my reality! I just placed it over my head and allowed it to drape down. Nothing to fancy or tricky, but it definitely warms up my noggin and ears. Sometimes you just don’t want a hat and a scarf! This is a classic and sophisticated way to wear the infinity scarf.

And for my scarf tying finale! Jackie O, here I come. I should probably get into a convertible immediately and drive through the Alps. I guess I need to take the alternate option and walk down the streets of New York City looking just as fabulous. I just wrapped it around my neck and looped it over my head. Again, nothing to complicated, just chic and fabulous!

Baijra Cashmere Jersey Loop

Accessory Crazed! Pick Henri Bendel

I am obsessed with accessories. This is pretty much one of the most simple and straight-forward statements I can make about myself. I love them, I search for them, I hoard them. They are quite simply the easiest way to change up your entire ensemble without spending a ridiculous fortune. When you feel an “emergency shop” coming on where the only thing that is going to fill the void is a purchase, buy accessories.

Henri Bendel’s, a very well-known New York City 5th Avenue store, has become your one stop shop for everything emergency. They have recently rid themselves of everything apparel and are now solely selling trinkets in every possible form. Brown and white stripes being their signature pattern, they have doused their own brand of products with the very sophisticated style. With their price points being nothing short of fantastic, these bobbles are the perfect pick-me-up for any gal who wants to instantly change up her look. No need to live in NYC (although it is pretty amazing:), just go on-line and pick up a few bobbles for yourself!

Love yourself in this scarf with pink trim. At $88, it won’t break the bank, but it will surely pump up any look. Use it as a neck scarf, head scarf or have a little fun and wrap it around your wrist like a bracelet!

This is a great option for a trendy chain link purse. They are SO in style right now. Even though it may be a trend, this piece is classic and neutral. For $178, the cost-per-wear is completely reasonable!

Another option to liven up your look is to refresh those things that live inside your purse. You think they don’t matter, but they really are the details that keep it all together! This is a cute, little sunglasses case that comes with it’s very own attitude. It is an easy purchase at $98. Your sunglasses need to have a fabulous place to live!

Don’t beat yourself up anymore about buying something because you just needed to. Shop accessories and you will inevitably not only use them, but not drain your bank account in the process!

Watch is available for $195.00

MOD-tastic! My Throw Back to the 60’s

  • by Amy Salinger
  • October 6th, 2009
  • My Style

You should know by now (if you are an avid reader), that most things I buy have a story behind them. Why should this dress be any different? Almost 5 years ago, while living in Chicago, I wandered into my favorite second hand store (think Goodwill here), and found this fabulous creation. It was old, it was wrinkled, it was amazing. My eye was instantly drawn too it’s Missoni-esque style. The fit was slightly off and it was a floor length gown, hardly wearable, but for 5 bucks it was mine. I seriously only paid $5. The truth is that other people would have seen grandma’s old, beat up dress where as I saw lots and lots of MOD possibility.

After purchasing my new, amazing dress, I (almost) immediately went to the cleaners. After hosing down my frock, I took it to the best tailor in town. An awesome $5 purchase deserves all of the tailoring it needs. It STILL would not, could not, ever be as much as a brand new shiny cocktail dress. Plus, no one will have a copy of it and you have a fab story to tell when you wear it.

So, after cleaning it, taking it in, chopping off the bottom to a proper cocktail length, it sat in my closet for over 4 years. This is truly not my style, but I just could not find a place to wear this amazing party dress. I am usually only this dressed up for weddings and most of those take place in the warmer months. This dress was clearly made for “getting down” when there was a chill in the air. The material is thick and the silver screams for snowflakes. So it took me getting invited to judge a “Condom Couture” fashion show in October to bring this baby out! She was so happy for the world to see her.

You know that if I was going to show off my $5 “Missoni” dress from a Goodwill style store, I was going to go all the way. Why style things boring when you can style things fabulous?!? I really went with the mod feeling of the dress and pulled out all of the 60’s stops. You never want to feel like you are wearing a costume, but why not use what the dress is giving you? This dress was giving me retro fabulous. I went completely vintage and pulled out my silver clutch that also cost me no more than $10. Ladies and gentleman, here we have a $15 look prior to shoes and jewelry. Who is a recession proof fashionista now? I slathered on dark sparkly silver nail polish, the color of the moment, and 2 of my favorite vintage-esque rings. All in all, I was a sparkly silver masterpiece!

My black patent leather round toe wedges completed the look. They were feminine with a bit of sex appeal. They sealed the deal on the cute, sassy 60’s feel I was going for. Of course styling does not end with the ensemble, so my make-up and hair had to be done up right! Complete with a cat-eye and a teased out ponytail with side-swept bangs, I had achieved my MOD goal.

Next time you are going to a special gala, don’t be afraid of going the distance. A look is about the whole package, not just the dress. Put the effort into creating a head to toe style and you will certainly have a memorable (if not stylish) evening!