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A Real Bag for the Walking Gal

I cannot tell you how many women ask me what to do about their ridiculously heavy bags that they must lug around with them all day. In fact, the only people who will now be annoyed that I have found the answer are the chiropractors of the world (sorry my dear brother:).

There are certain times when I will not give up fashion for comfort, and rolling around a bag looking like a complete fashion faux pas is one of them. On the days when I must lug my computer, my gym stuff and my general life around with me, I cry. Seriously, you will see me walking the streets of NYC literally with tears coming down my face:) Honestly, I use and abuse my gym locker room stopping through there throughout the day to pick up and drop off my life. I am sure Crunch would be happy to know this:)

Well finally ladies, I have found a bag that is cute, functional and will continue to put you above tribes of women in every fashion circle. A lovely introduction (made by a follower of this blog!) has saved us all. This beautiful trolley bag can actually fit your laptop, lipstick and gym shoes. Praise be the lord, we are saved! Just look at how chic and fashionable this very happy model is strolling around town like she doesn’t have a care, or back problem, in the world! May be rid ourselves of our back problems and still be stylish just like her!

Serra Trolley Bag



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