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A Stylist Cleans Out Her Closet

  • by Amy Salinger
  • October 12th, 2011
  • My Style

Holy what? It looks like a bomb went off in my closet. Very scary. When you spend all of your time in other people’s closets, sometimes your own gets completely out of control. It is not a good sales pitch for new clients, so I decided it was time to fix the crazy.

Honestly, one of the biggest reasons to clean out your closet is because half the time you forget what you own. This is not my problem. I have a huge brain in reference to memorizing not only my own wardrobe, but my client’s as well. I also got super lucky and found an apartment with a walk in closet, not normal in NYC. This unfortunately means that I can continue to fill it up and fill it up and fill it up….. That is not always a good thing for anyone.

I made a strong decision to eliminate all of my “cheaper” clothing. I am 32 and work with people that have amazing clothes, I must fit the profile. It was time to brand my own style as sassier, classier and super designer fabulous. Out with (some) of the old, in with the new!

Cleaning out your closet is all about re-trying on your wardrobe to make sure you still love it. Obviously there are pieces that need to go at first glance, but then there is the “maybe” pile. Sometimes this requires a second eye (that is why I have a job), but what does a stylist do who is suppose to be an expert? Well, I bring over my friend who is also very fashionable because everybody needs a second opinion!

This fur vest is no old piece. In fact, it still has a tag on it. I have been searching high and low for the perfect fur vest with the perfect price tag and 2 long years later, I found it. $180 by Adrienne Landau at Century 21. I am in love.

After four and a half long hours, my closet was finally done. Three garbage bags and three shopping bags later, my soul was cleansed. My lucky friend Jackie walked away with the three shopping bags full of clothes, shoes and jewelry. I felt it was my good deed for the month. One man’s trash (or in this case, cute stuff), is another lovely ladies treasure. Lucky girl. The rest was sent to Salvation Army. Anything that was good enough for consignment was given to Jackie. I figured making a few bucks from my old pieces wasn’t as good as seeing my friend wearing it:)

Clean and in order, my closet not only looks amazing, I feel amazing. I am actually back to wearing everything I own and now I know exactly what I need to “fill in the holes” of my wardrobe. Now I have a small shopping list (at least in my world) and I am focused….. Until I find something amazing that I have to have. Oops:)


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