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American Music Awards Best Dress

I am almost embarrassed, ashamed even. I am picking a Disney princess as my best-dressed of the night at the American Music Awards. Let me at least defend myself before you judge me and lose all hope in my abilities and taste as a fashion stylist.

This entire look is perfectly put together and represents her style and age. I hate, hate, hate when these little starlets try and look older than they are. Embrace your young status, you only have it once! Be sophisticated yet fun and youthful, you can be!

This particular outfit is fabulous. It is appropriately sexy, playful and different. The silhouette is feminine yet the tool overlay with funky appliques and bias cut add the rock and roll touch that separate her from the fashion pack. Adding the layered bracelets and round toe pumps keep it more laidback and accessibly cool. The cherry on top of the sundae of her outfit is her side ponytail keeping it loose and not to formal. Damn you Ashley Tisdale, you win!

Picture courtesy of TheFashionTime.com


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