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The Worst of the Golden Globes 2010

Let me preface this post by letting you know that there really were no frocks that made me cringe and bite my lip. With that said, I was still “concerned” by a few of the gown choices.

First up, Julianne Moore’s Balenciaga dress was way off… Where was the shape, the curve, the silhousette? Why would you diet and excercie frivilously and then choose this gown just so you can cover it up? At least she slightly saved the ensemble with a fab pair of earrings. It ALMOST (not really) made up for the bizarre neckline and unfortunate and unkept hair-do. I know it was raining, but don’t you have a stylist following you around?

Next up is the hottest woman to hit television in a long time, Sophia Veranga. Unfortunately, she chose a Carolina Herrera dress that did absolutely nothing for her. The material was my first big issue because it looks like that of a high school prom dress from Jessica McClintock. Sorry to all those girls who love Jessica:( My second issue is that it was just way to much material for such a small lady. It was like she had another dress following her around all night…. She had every opportunity to show off her incredible sex appeal and beauty, but this dress did neither.

Oh Anna Paquin. This is a simple case of when a dress is incredible and the styling almost ruins the entire thing. Stella McCartney created a fabulous gown and Anna (or Anna’s stylist) decided that a clunky pair of gladiator sandals was the appropriate shoe choice. This was NOT the appropriate shoe choice. It was way too much going on and a much too heavy choice for a shoe option. Plus, these shoes are meant for a summer look, not a red carpet.

Finally we have Tina Fey in Zac Posen. A good idea in theory, but this is WAY too much dress for such a small woman. Too much pattern, way too much length and too much “bow-y” shoes. All in all, too much! If it had one less tier on the bottom, it would have substantially helped her cause… Unfortunately, they decided to keep the tier. Sorry Tina, this just wasn’t your best fashion choice….. You are still funny though:)

So that is it for my ranting and raving about the Golden Globe fashions. There was no total blunders, which made me smile. Obviously there will always be a few that are off, but what would an awards show be without that? Um, boring. I commend you all for trying to look your best and braving the scary waters of internet commentary. Good job.


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