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Angelina Jolie in an Arkris Suit

I do just love giving my opinion of the many fashion ups and downs of the Hollywood tribe, that is why I designed myself this blog here, ya know? I like to believe that I have some authority based on my profession to make such judgment calls. If you are reading this, then you must agree.

Usually I find Angelina Jolie to be boring. There is a difference between simple and elegant and trying to create an image to fit your personal side of mothering 52 (maybe 53 now) children. Her dress at the Golden Globes looked like a glorified night gown, although if I was with Brad Pitt I would be ready for bed all of the time too. She is a good samaritan to the world so I must defend her fashion choices somewhat.

This white Akris suit, worn to the premiere of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in Germany, was one of my favorite looks she has pulled out in a while. It was sexy, sophisticated and her ’60s up-do added a retro feel that was truly appreciated. Honestly, it was just slightly different for her and that is what put a smile on my face. These actresses have the capability to be something completely different (style is being a camelion while still showcasing your personality), almost once a week during awards season, and they don’t take advantage of it! What a shame to pay all that money out to a stylist and make-up artist and not have them fully do their jobs.

Now you may be aware that I have not mentioned her Asprey jewels just yet because I was waiting for the kicker until the end….. One earring? Oh no dear. This is not a ’70s disco party draped in white (and I don’t mean people wearing it). I am sure that Asprey would have been more than happy to lend you out the other earring just for the night. That or Maddox hid the damn thing at which point it would be acceptable to choose another set. Angie, so close, yet so far away….. And Brad, shave that stupid thing off your face. I love you anyway.

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