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Are Shouler Pads Really Back?

When the ’80s ended I was very pleased to say goodbye to a few things… Big hair, ice wash jeans and shoulder pads. With two of the three being back in style, I feel like I should whip out my cripping iron and just give up.

As a stylist I do understand that trends come around in a 20 year loop. So, inevitably, what happened in the ’80s was sure to back in some form during this decade. I just wish that some things had remained in the closet; literally.

As I flip through high fashion photos of celebrities on the red carpet this year, I am amazed to see how many designers have dug into their ’80s bag O tricks to resurrect styles that were never flattering to begin with. The shoulder pad? Seriously? In what world does widening a woman’s shoulders to football player status equal out to feminine proportions? At least Gwyneth Paltrow picked this Balmain blazer that is more delicately cut. As opposed to her Dynasty counterparts, this silhouette is a bit more flattering.

If you must wear this over the top ’80s trend, here a few tips (to make it less painful for the rest of us!). You CANNOT mix the latest boyfriend blazer craze with this trend. It would be dreadful and a full blown throw back to JR and his possy. You must keep the proportions no longer than waist length to off set the fact that your shoulders are twice as emphasized. You will loose any sight of a waist otherwise. We still want a curvy, feminine figure here ladies!

Now if you must, go answer the phone… The ’80s are calling and they want to drape you in shoulder pads.

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