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Beach Cover-Up Cute

I am truly having trouble right now focusing on anything that is not vacation related. I leave on Thursday for a sunny week with Florida that will include nothing more than lying on the beach, drinking cocktails and enjoying foods that otherwise would not be put in my mouth. And oh yes, the company of my handsome boyfriend.

With this awaiting extravaganza on the forefront of my mind and the chill of the NYC air on my skin, I can do nothing more than wait. Count the hours, the minutes and the seconds until my tush is firmly planted on the sand. But what does any good fashionista do with days to kill before a big vacation? Plan her ensembles of course!!!

So, as I pondered what I would chat about today, vacation was dancing around in my head. So you will now benefit from my overwhelming need to think sunny and I will present the best beach cover up for your next hot endeavor!!!

A jersey dress is an amazing option for covering up that sexy bikini body you are exposing all over the beach. I love exposing, but sometimes society forces us to cover up…. So you might as well make it cute!!! Jersey material is light and soft making it a good choice for putting on your sweaty, dare I say moist, body. I hate sticky, gross feeling things when I am lathered up from head to toe and dripping like I just ran ten miles. Choosing your cover up style is completely up to you, but making sure that it is loose, easy and comfortable is a must! The greatest thing about jersey cover up dress is that it is also….. drum roll please…. a dress! Meaning, wear that thing past the beach, dress is up with some great jewelry and your are off to dinner! Take it home from vacation (washing necessary) and rock it out to a city night of drinking. This bad boy can go anywhere and that is why owning one is a must. At completely budget friendly prices, having a jersey dress is the biggest no-brainer of your summer days……

Old Navy Women’s Cross-Front Sundress


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