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Beach Fashion: Nantucket Style

Oh to be WASPY. You may not come from this pedigree of a background, but you certainly can look like it by choosing the right pastel pieces. It is so beachy and fresh, yet ostentatious in a twisted way. You just look like you got the Benjamin’s. Hell, rock it if you can… Talbots apparently stays in business for a reason.

Originally being from Connecticut it is completely amazing that I have never been to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. I make up for it by going to Newport, R.I. and Cape Cod. I must tell you though, the overwhelming differences are just that, overwhelming. People imagine a land of hoity toity individuals that travel around in their Mercedes going from lawn party to lawn party.. Ok, that is partly true for certain areas, but not the norm!

If Nantucket or Martha’s Vinyard are your final destination, then hitting up the local Talbots, or at least looking like you did, is a fashion must. It is truly a great experience when you can actually be someone else for a weekend just by changing up your style. You are still you, just with a pastel ensemble on. Acheiving this look is really not all that hard, it is just about the simple basics of what makes up a fancy and beachy Nantucket look.

Please refer to this very happy (and rich looking) couple pictured above. The key is to be simple yet casually elegant. Simple jewelry (bigger stones, yet not to ostentatious if you got it) is a must.
Nothing overly funky or attention grabbing are key adjectives to live by. Cardigans and shawls for layering are the only go-to pieces you should have with you. In fact, I think that is all they sell there:) Top it all of with an oversized pair of fabulous sunglasses and you are ready to sip a very fancy drink at a very fancy lawn party.

As for men, they key is light and airy pants that for some unknown reason are slightly short. I swear. You want to show off your loafers with no socks. Tucking in your pastel button down with a ribbon style belt or rope belt is cinching your Nantucket chic. Aviator sunglasses and a very expensive watch with make you look like one of the good ‘ol boys.

Now you are ready to roll with the other power couples in Nantucket. No one will ever know the true amount in your bank account as long as you look the part….

Photo courtesy of Nantucketbrand.com


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