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Best Grammy’s 2009 Dress: Katy Perry

Forgive me for being a day late, I was busy exploring Columbus, Ohio. Why ask why, liking a man makes you go to places other than your own backyard:)

But of course you did not think I would pass up the opportunity to discuss my favorite ensemble of the Grammy’s 2009? No freakin’ way. Katy Perry blew the competition away. I do always like her “throw back to another era” style, but this time she seriously nailed it. Classy sex appeal was screaming in this 1950’s get-up. For such a young girl, she pulls off the old Hollywood siren look effortlessly. The best thing about it is that she really does always put her own spin on it. Elegant was the word, but that didn’t stop here (or her stylist) from finding a dress that also represented here divine funk. Apparently I am very into strapless gowns with large mounds of puffing material this year. Eva Mendes Golden Globes much?

On the other less chic side, this awards show can border on the utterly ridiculous and there was certainly no shortage this year. What in the f was MIA wearing? My only shout out for this lovely lady was that apparently she was ready to give birth at any moment and still showed up. That’s right, her due date was actually on Sunday!!!! Now that is something that would have made headlines…..


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