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Business Meeting Chic in HOT Weather!

I know that my version of what one must be dressed like for a business meeting is definitely varied from that of the “normal” workforce, but that’s why God invented styling!:)

Yesterday I went to a meeting with a production company (not for my own show, at least not yet:), and knew that I had to look stylish, professional, fun, trendy and overall, hot. This leaves an interesting mix of adjectives that would make most people’s heads hurt. Luckily, I had just the dress!

Here in NYC (I believe they have a few others on the east coast and in LA), we have a great store called Zara. You really should check it out. It has reasonable prices for trendy yet fun and professional clothing. Weren’t these three of the words I used in my description? I got this dress last year, not because I went to the store, but because it didn’t fit a client I had bought it for. This is yet another danger of my job because I think everything I buy is cute, no matter who it is for, if it doesn’t fit them I sometimes end up owning it. Oops.

This light, linen, jean colored dress hit all of my descriptive notes on how I wanted to woo the production company with my awesome ensemble. The ’50s throwback with the silhouette hit my trendy mark. Think Donna Reed and funk her out 2009 style. The classic, simple ring on my left hand kept it office appropriate by not overdoing it with jewelry (something I tend to lean toward:). What you can’t see if that I do have on a large, thick pair of ornate gold hoops so that I still put my stamp on the whole look! Now, I do have on sandals (studded for that matter!), but this is an informal meeting that took place in my friends office and I am selling myself as a fashion stylist. I am not trying to be a lawyer here! The point is, sandals may be inappropriate for most meetings, but not for this one.

Overall, this dress would be appropriate for any office. My client that I bought it for was actually a lawyer! Add a waist-length cardigan and a cute pair of flats and you would be good to go. I love looking fabulous all of the time and so should you!


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  • I like how u style. If u show some other way to dress for office going, or business meeting and for interview (Post Engineering), that will be helpful for some other like me.
    Oh… if u are going to do that, 1st plc do for woman then man.

  • I actually just filmed a Sass N Style episode entitled, “Office Chic”. It will be out in the next month, but I will be sure to post more pics on Twitter of appropriate office looks. Sign up and use Sass N Style to find me!

  • Hi Amy, i liked your anklets! simple & beautiful! where are they from? i have been looking for one for long time, but could’nt find anything i like so far. do you have any suggestion?

  • That is actually the strap on my sandal! Sorry:( I don’t really have any suggestion as to where to get an anklet, but as for style, I would purchase a very thin and delicate one!

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