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The American Music Awards

I do love a good awards show. Last night, on the American Music Awards, it was simply a parade of over the top fashion and musical performances. That is my kind of programming, fabulous and fun.

Of course my intense focus was on what the fancy musicians, actors and other random attendees were wearing on their toned and trim bodies. Never in my life did I think that this lovely Monday I would be reporting that Taylor Swift was my best dressed. Her country curls and cat eye makeup are always on my annoyance radar and I think her ability to FINALLY switch it up threw me off! Obviously this is a cute dress by Collette Dinnigan and is perfectly appropriate for the AMA’s, yet it is not the most amazing thing I have ever seen. BUT, and this is a big but, combined with her new ‘do and smokey eye makeup, she certainly got my attention! I was so happy to finally see a more grown up, sophisticated Ms. Swift. Thank you for finally putting the curling iron down and officially joining the other side of Hollywood. Bye, bye country, hello hot!

And now for my special mention…. The product of Will and Jada Smith, Willow, is really one fantastic child. I saw her in an interview last week and I actually stopped everything I was doing to listen. She is cute, witty, funny, stylish and talented. It may sound like I am a bit obsessed with Willow, but it is really just sincere admiration for a kid who isn’t even 10 years old yet. Now, with that said, I think this outfit is crazy. But, the fact that she even has the sense to pick out such editorial pieces and put it together this way forces me to give her props. She is reaching for fashion freedom and really expressing herself. I love that.

Oh my gosh. Really, what can I say that is not completely inappropriate on a blog about this look? Apparently Kesha put together this little number using VHS tape. I love a green artist and recycling is definitely cool, but seriously, where did you even find this much VHS tape to design this dress? Haven’t these things been obsolete for a while? I guess not long enough because you found a way to wear a full dress made out of the material. Oy. Should mention the studded eyebrows? Um, better not.

As for this look, I think even Nicki Minaj is surprised she wore this on the red carpet. Just look at that face! What on earth is going on here??? I couldn’t make this my number one worst dressed because that is just too easy. This rib cage inspired frock gets my “special mention” for craziest, most ridiculous, “look at me” dress on the carpet. And did she accidentally dip the bottom of her hair in green tie dye or is that simply a new version of hair mold? If her goal was to be visually stimulating, she definitely hit the mark. I stared at her for over 15 minutes trying to find something I liked about this and I am still lookin’……

Overall, the ladies did well and the performances were spot on. I love any excuse to talk about red carpet fashion, so props to everyone who walked the carpet and gave it their best try. I am sure someone would have something to say about my dress too if I ever make it to an official red carpet!

More NYC Fashion Week!

So it is the last day and I am very happy and very sad at the same time. I don’t think I could handle another day, but it is truly one of the most fabulous weeks I have ever had! I have seen and interviewed more amazing people than I ever have in my life. It really seems like everybody has some fabulous job that I stand next to. Yesterday I met the director of design from Spanx and I went crazy. The other day I sat next to the fashion editor for In Style Mexico. It is the most networking I have ever done in my life. I have a stack of cards to get through once all of this madness is over….

Just for fun, here is a list of celebrities I have either interviewed or seen: Brooke Shields, Tim Gunn, Kim Kardashian, Whitney, Erin, Olivia and Joe Z from “The City”, Katie Lee Joel, Christina Hendricks, Michael Douglas, Donald Trump and Melania, Kristen Bell, Sophia Bush, Michelle Trachtenberg, Rashida Jones, Mena Suvari, Robert Verdi, Rachel Zoe and Brad, Zoe Salanda, Kelly Osborne, Nicole Murphy, Kelly Bensimon, Bethany Fankel, Jill Zarin and Romona from “The Real Housewives of NYC”, Gail from “Top Chef”, Carmen Elektra and many more….. Ok, enough name dropping. Here are the newest pics:

The Worst of the Golden Globes 2010

Let me preface this post by letting you know that there really were no frocks that made me cringe and bite my lip. With that said, I was still “concerned” by a few of the gown choices.

First up, Julianne Moore’s Balenciaga dress was way off… Where was the shape, the curve, the silhousette? Why would you diet and excercie frivilously and then choose this gown just so you can cover it up? At least she slightly saved the ensemble with a fab pair of earrings. It ALMOST (not really) made up for the bizarre neckline and unfortunate and unkept hair-do. I know it was raining, but don’t you have a stylist following you around?

Next up is the hottest woman to hit television in a long time, Sophia Veranga. Unfortunately, she chose a Carolina Herrera dress that did absolutely nothing for her. The material was my first big issue because it looks like that of a high school prom dress from Jessica McClintock. Sorry to all those girls who love Jessica:( My second issue is that it was just way to much material for such a small lady. It was like she had another dress following her around all night…. She had every opportunity to show off her incredible sex appeal and beauty, but this dress did neither.

Oh Anna Paquin. This is a simple case of when a dress is incredible and the styling almost ruins the entire thing. Stella McCartney created a fabulous gown and Anna (or Anna’s stylist) decided that a clunky pair of gladiator sandals was the appropriate shoe choice. This was NOT the appropriate shoe choice. It was way too much going on and a much too heavy choice for a shoe option. Plus, these shoes are meant for a summer look, not a red carpet.

Finally we have Tina Fey in Zac Posen. A good idea in theory, but this is WAY too much dress for such a small woman. Too much pattern, way too much length and too much “bow-y” shoes. All in all, too much! If it had one less tier on the bottom, it would have substantially helped her cause… Unfortunately, they decided to keep the tier. Sorry Tina, this just wasn’t your best fashion choice….. You are still funny though:)

So that is it for my ranting and raving about the Golden Globe fashions. There was no total blunders, which made me smile. Obviously there will always be a few that are off, but what would an awards show be without that? Um, boring. I commend you all for trying to look your best and braving the scary waters of internet commentary. Good job.

The BEST Golden Globe Gowns 2010

Ah, awards season is here again! I LOVE this time of year. It is all about glitz and glamor and everything fabulous! Bring on the bling.

I know my first pick for “best dressed” at the Golden Globes is going to come with some criticism. My boyfriend has already chastised this choice. Drew Barrymore looked stunning in her Atlier Versace gown. The shoulder and hip detail bordered on that of a sea creature, but I still thought it was to die for. It was chic and elegant with a funky, individual twist. Nude is not always the best choice for the red carpet, it is easy to look washed out, but I really just loved the elegant detail on this dress. Her hair and make-up also perfectly complimented the simple sexiness of the overall look.

Next up for “best dressed” is January Jones. She always tries to do something just a little different and I truly appreciate that. Black is never one of my favorites on the carpet, it just doesn’t read well on camera. That is why I was so drawn to this look, because it DID look different and interesting. Not an easy feat. I was thrown off by the hair ribbon at first, but it really grew on me. I think it added to the “chic” quotient by a million. She took a simply elegant black gown and made it her own. This Lanvin dress was nothing short of spectacular when styled correctly… which it was! Kudos to your hair and makeup team as well for extending the classic elegance throughout the entire look.

Now for some color! Diane Kruger hasdefinitely proven herself to be something of a fashion icon. She is almost always interesting and hits the nail on the head with her fashion choices. This Spring Christian Lacroix gown is fierce in every way possible. Look at that neckline for God’s sake! How insanely fabulous is the construction of this dress. Keeping her hair off her neckline was also ingenious because that is the most busy part of her gown. You really don’t want to mess with it in any way. Show it off!

I guess looking good is easy for her. It doesn’t hurt that she is an amazingly stunning woman who can really pull off anything. Damn you Diane Kruger!

And now a double whammy of beauty and style, Christina Hendricks and Kate Hudson. Both were light and lovely on the red carpet. Kate wore a fabulous Marchesa gown, one of my absolute favorite designers for anything gown-related! Let’s not forget to give her shoes a shout out. They seriously helped enhance the funk factor of this look. Christina rocked a Christian Siriano dress.. Oh yes, the winner of Project Runway. Can you believe it? He really is proving to be the most successful winner of them all! To get on the red carpet at the Golden Globes is huge. The fact that this dress was one of my favorites right from the start without even knowing it was Siriano’s dress is even better. I love to root for the underdog and he is certainly still just making his way into this crazy world. Good for you Christian!

So there you have it. Feel free to criticize my choices for “best dressed”, but remember, this is my blog and all about my opinions:) Overall, this was a great kick off to the awards season and I think everyone did a pretty good job at looking fabulous. Usually there is a safety factor involved in the Golden Globes because it is the first show of the season. I actually think people dove into their fashion choices this year and I commend that! Can’t wait for more….

Over the Knee Boots: Can They Work??

Which one of these is not like the others? Come on, you can do it! You remember this little challenge from your grammar school days…. Let me give you a hint, two of these women should realize that although they are hot, this boot style is for a “less mature” woman. Sorry gals.

Rihanna hits the nail on the head by vamping up this cute and simple sweater dress. By pairing together these two pieces, she is keeping it sexy yet appropriate. She pulls in a very big trend right now, the over the knee boot, while keeping the look grounded.

And then there are the other two. Mariah Carey always causes my fashion brain to hurt. She just can’t accept that curves can be beautiful when they are not completely being hugged by spandex material. Adding a pair of “hooker” boots only puts this already over-the-top look, more over-the-top. This outfit would be best worn by a 20 year old girl who is about to go out to the club. Not by an almost 40 year old woman in broad daylight. It is time to put away the spandex dear. You are a beautiful woman that does not need to have it all hanging out even if that is what you consider “your style”. That is not a style, it is actually known as your late teens and 20′s…. A time that is over:(

Now there is a bit more hope for J. Lo. I still think that she gets it right most of the time, but there are a few slip ups here and there. Mostly, she is now 40 and it is time for her to reflect that. Her thighs are more in shape then they have ever been, but unfortunately that does not mean that they should be wearing thigh high boots. I have been asked if there is a cut-off age for this trend and my simple answer is yes. Anyone over 35 probably should pack this possibility up along with their spandex clothing. Hot or not, age appropriate clothing is a big plus in my book. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD NOT STILL BE SEXY. This just means that certain trends are not appropriate for you anymore.

For those of you that reflect Rihanna more than Mariah and J. Lo, here are two options for you. First we have the very pricey Christian Louboutins, totally hot, totally expensive. If you can pay this price, well then I am totally impressed and I want to be friends with you:) If not, you have a less expensive option that you can totally rock. Either way, this look will be here for a few seasons so it is worth investing in a pair. Choose high heels for a flashier version, but you can completely wear flat ones during the day with a longer sweater and leggings. Have fun, be sexy and remember that Julia Roberts in “Pretty Women” is not the only hooker who can wear hooker boots.

Photo courtesy of whosdatingwho.com
Christian Louboutin contente over the knee boots: $1995.00
Lucky Brand “Gwen” over the knee boots: $239.00