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A Shout Out for Rihanna: AMA Fab

I will be the first to admit that Rihanna has gone a bit crazy with her choices in fashion lately. I will follow that statement by reminding myself (and you) that she is an artist and fashion is an extension of that. But sometimes it really is just nuts.

The dress is nuts…. In the most fabulously amazing way. Holy crapola. This Marchesa dress is truly a piece of art. It is editorial high-end fashion at it’s best and there is barely anyone in Hollywood who could seriously pull this off. That is until Rihanna put it on her hot little body. She has the edge and the fashion chutzpah to rock this to its fullest potential. This dress screams, go big or go home!

There also could not have been a more perfect event to wear this frock to. The AMA’s land somewhere in between the Grammy’s and the MTV music awards in terms of fashion and class. You wanna put on your party dress, but it shouldn’t really be a gown. You also probably shouldn’t be wearing a full blown leather jumpsuit of any kind… Save that for Kurt Loder.

So good job Rihanna, you killed it. I am sure receiving props from my Sass N Style blog was the recognition you were looking for when you chose this dress. Your welcome:)

Holiday Twist: Suit Up

I know, I know, I have already chatted about Angelina Jolie’s Akris white suit. It was so good though, that it was worth another mention. Not just Angelina’s beautiful ensemble, but the white suit in general.

Holiday party season is upon us and I am looking for the anti-cocktail dress. How many party dresses can one girl own? Don’t answer that, you might scare yourself.

A great option in these chillier winter months is a tuxedo. The age-old winter problem with a dress is that your legs are freezing and you have to find a layering piece to go with your look. Now you have covered up your cute new dress! Of course I love the idea of a classic black women’s tux, but have you ever considered winter white? Well you should!

Even Bianca Jagger has done it. She went white and looked uber-chic. Ok, the Colonel Sanders style tie is a bit much, but hell, it is Bianca Jagger!

You may be asking, “All white in winter? Isn’t it past Labor Day?” The answer is yes and yes. If it is just too much for you, try a cream tuxedo instead. It softens the bright element, but still has the same dramatic effect. You will stand out… In a good way!

If you are lucky enough to be in a warmer part of the world during this holiday season, change up your idea of a tuxedo. Emma Roberts shows that pants are not always a must when choosing a sophisticated white suit. She is still portraying a classic, yet sexy ideal. Add black tights and black pumps to funk up this concept and wear it in colder weather. Slightly alternative, a little bit funky, totally awesome.

Now although I do believe that this model should have opted for a shirt, the suit does speak for itself. When has a bra and necklace counted for a layering piece? I strongly promote a white suit for a nice change from the party dress, but in addition, it is a great foundation staple! You not only get an amazing white suit, but you get separates. You can really utilize a white blazer and white pants because of the multiple options for styling. The best part, it is seasonless! Yes ladies, you can wear this anytime of the year and to multiple occasions. Dress it up, dress it down, make it what you want it to be. The white suit is a must for all wardrobes, and of course, holiday parties!!!

The Bridget Fit wide-leg pant: $49.50
Boyfriend jacket in seasonless stretch: $108.00

Leather Dress: Dominatrix and Class

I am not usually an Angelina Jolie fan. Her style borders on boring, I just need a little more fun in my life. I understand that when you have that many children it is hard to take time for yourself, but that is why she has a stylist.

I had to give it up to her in this black leather Michael Kors dress though. It is so damn sexy and chic that it didn’t matter if she paired it with nothing else. This dress did all of the talking. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make a leather sheath dress fit like this? Let me tell you… Very, very hard.

The addition of the gladiator heel was truthfully all that she needed to shine. She added a simple touch of color with the red ring and that was perfect. For as much as I know about Angelina (thank you tabloids), this dress matched her personality perfectly. It is simple and chic, yet completely edgy. She has matured in her older age, but can still kick anyone’s ass. She is bad, look out Brad Pitt.

Emmy’s Best Dressed

Oh how I love a good awards show. The good, the bad and the ugly…. It is a stylist’s time to shine and a star’s time to suck it in. All of this equals out to a good time for the viewer.

This year the Emmy’s were pretty as usual. I feel like because it is so early in the awards season (January is when it really gets going!), that most celebs stay safe. This year was no different. Basic silhouettes with straightforward colors allow very few of them to end up on the worst dressed list.

But then there are the few that take a bit of a risk and pray that it pays off. This year’s risk takers: Blake Lively and January Jones. And as far as this stylist is concerned, their respective risks definitely paid off.

I LOVE Blake Lively’s look. It is sexy (amazing boobs anyone?), it is sleek, it is the color of the moment and it is different. Her hair borders on alien invasion, but somehow it really does work with this look. I think the sleek front mixed with the messy braided pony tail are a slam dunk. Paired with an amazing silhouette of a dress that simply fits her body like a glove, Blake Lively looks the best she ever has. Gold star.

And then there is January Jones. Space age meets Hollywood glamor has never looked so good. Who knew that these two genres would make such a glorious team? The hard edge of the beading combined with the structured hip were an amazing compliment to her flowing train. With such a strong top half, it was important to pair it with a more feminine bottom half.

She brought the feminine feeling up through her soft hair and makeup reminding us that she is a classy lady with a touch of retro funk. She created a classically Mad Men look with a 2009 twist. You also receive a gold star January Jones.

Tights with Open Toe Shoes? It Works.

I am actually a BIG fan of tights with open toe shoes. It is an instant way to make your look high fashion. Let’s be clear though, we are mixing OPAQUE tights with funky, bold high heels. I am not pulling out stockings with bad seams and putting them with silk Nina dress shoes that I dyed to match my dress. Ug. That is high fashion v.s. Grandma fashion. Sorry Grandma.

It really is a simple combination that can put your look over the top. Just look to the right and check out how much more fabulous each of these looks instantly became by funking out the bottom half. Love it. It is a trio of fab. It is also a great way to see how to start simple, push yourself a little and then (ahem, Heidi Klum) push yourself a lot! These three fashionistas have given us a good look at how to “make it work” depending on your level of style.

Now let’s not stop there with the high fashion possibilities of this particularly potent combo. Gwyneth Paltrow’s awesome look might be my favorite “tights with open toe shoes” ensembles ever. She seriously rocked it. Her choice of doing a completely monochromatic bottom half, including the lower part of her dress, was genious. She was able to be trendy and sassy without making her shoes the focal point. This is often hard when you wear tights with open toe shoes because it is such a funky mixture. By doing a gray shoe with gray tights, she allowed you to be intrigued but not blown over. Try this monochromatic look out with a pair of your new fabulous open toe booties and you will come out with the same fantastic result, awesome. This trend lets you wear your spring and summer shoes right into fall and if you are crazy, even winter.

But remember my very strong warning, no seam of your stockings or tights should EVER be seen. If you look closely to the right, you will see that this possibility for a great Louboutin and stockings combo went horribly wrong. I spy a stocking seam going straight across her toes! Her sexy ensemble just went straight to Grandmaville…. Again, sorry Grandma!

Photos courtesy of eighty81.com, Instyle.com and thefashionpolice.com