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Best and Worst of the MET Gala

I cannot believe it myself. Have I seriously chosen Katy Perry as my favorite dressed of the evening twice now! She rocked the Grammy’s and has shown her fashion chops yet again at this year’s Met Gala. As for worst dressed, I really don’t think I had much choice. I truly stand by the idea that this is the event to make a statement, but what on earth does Madonna think is a statement? She looks like a hooker in the bird exhibit at Busch Gardens.

So let’s begin with the good since the ugly is oh so ugly. It is too early to stomach it yet, I need at least five minutes to wake up first. Katy Perry is a futuristic goddess. As I noted, I LOVE the fact that stars have at least one event where they can truly go over the top and it is not only accepted, it is revered! This is the time to put those editorial fashion dreams into motion and show ‘em what you got… Fashion wise that is! Katy Perry is doing just that. She has taken a themed idea and make it Vogue-fabulous! From head to toe, this look is killing the competition. Her sleek, modern take on the bob is a perfect finish to a perfectly robotic ensemble. I love her cuff which only promotes her fantasy futuristic princess outfit to a tee. Katy Perry you are my robot god.

Now Madonna….. Fire your stylist. I know you have worked with her for years and she has usually steered you in the right direction, but this is so horrific that it is worth severing ties. Either you have become so pushy that she didn’t feel like fighting the good fight or she just flat out lied to you and told you that you look good. This look is so overdone (as if any part of it was even right) that I don’t know where to begin. Why not start with the obvious, the hat. It appears that you have two robin birds that landed on your head and laid an egg in a nest… and that is just what I notice at first glance. Pan down…. Your dress is actually a very well-structured, beautiful creation…. If you were 20 years younger! Stop forgetting you are fifty and add some inches to your dress. And to top it all off, you borrowed Julia Robert’s hooker boots from Pretty Woman. I guess you could call them vintage?

Photos courtesy of Zimbio.com

Jennifer Aniston’s Simple Style

It is simply amazing that almost every time I ask a new client who their favorite dressed celebrity is they say, “Jennifer Aniston”. Really? I guess I get it, she is simple, clean and always seems to look effortless. Well let me tell you the secret, it is. She has admitted, quite openly I might add, that she has no sense of personal style. She hopes everyday to put on something that is so basic that she at least doesn’t draw attention to herself. The truth of the matter is that all of us would look great in such an expensive and simple basics if we too were all that slender.
I commend her simplicity and how elegantly she seems to pull it off, but to strive to have her style is not really striving at all. She does not push the boundaries or even challenge them for that matter. I am not saying that fashion is all about the latest and greatest trend, but I am saying that putting your own personal stamp on your look is exceedingly important. This, my dear readers, is what really defines style.
So next time you think of your favorite dressed celebrity, try and think what sets them apart from the crowd, what is it about their look that takes it to the next level? We can all love simple and classic style, but if that means I am surprised by Jennifer Aniston just pulling back her hair (this is a big step for her in terms of changing her look), then I will pass. Basics are the foundation of fashion, but how you style those pieces to make it your own is what makes you a fashion maven.
Photo courtesy of Dietsinreview.com

The Updated Boho Chic for Spring

Moo moo dresses are done damn it, I have declared it so! Of course this does not mean that loose and airy clothes for Spring are not still on the fashion radar. Spring and Summer (and the rest of the months too as far as I am concerned) will always be about comfort. The difference this year, as opposed to the last few, is that the silhouettes will not allow your acquaintances to question if you are preggers. Put the pregnant fashion back.

As Sienna Miller is showing so perfectly here, you outfit must have shape and a clearly defined body lurking somewhere under your ensemble. She has done several things very well here: First off, she is off-setting the bounce and flow of the top half with a very slender jean on her bottom half. If jeans this tight are not your thing, you CANNOT wear a very over-sized top! You will just look like a big balloon if you try and wear big items with big items unless you are rail thin and even then it truly isn’t that flattering.

Secondly, Sienna is defining her shape by adding a cropped vest to her flouncy top. This additional piece hangs nicely below her bust (otherwise known as an empire cut) drawing attention to the chest area. This is always a good idea when you wear a top that could overwhelm your petite frame. The vest fits perfectly because it is snug around her arms and then hangs in such a way that compliments the flowy nature of the shirt without having an excess of material. The two tones of the garments are earthy and complimentary to one another, plus, the difference of color again defines her shape even more.

Adding in a larger bag and simple ballet flats make this a completely stylish and appropriate dog-walking outfit! No one ever said wearing sweatpants to walk your dog was alright, just pretend that the paparazzi are right around the corner at all times to put your mug in US Weekly… I know I always do:)

Photo courtesy of Soundoffcolumn.com

Tina Fey’s 2009 Oscars Gown

We already know that this is Tina Fey’s year, even if she isn’t in any movies! She is the toast of Hollywood right now and why not celebrate her even more by making her a presenter at the Oscars to crack us all up yet again. Seriously, her and Steve Martin were pretty funny.

Now, not only is it Tina’s year because of her comedic talents, but talk about turning into a grade A hottie! (Reference to her movie Mean Girls for those that need a Tina Fey lesson:) I was about to give up on her and the whole “black dress everywhere” thing, but then she came through! I will commend the ladies on the Oscars red carpet this year, but Tina is still a fairly new addition and definitely took her own style up a few notches with this stunning gold number. Not only did she stand out with glamor and grace, but she showed that she is a true fashionista.

This shimmering gown was obviously a perfect fit for such an event, but let’s talk about the actual fit…. Amazing. Her body looks rockin’ right now and there is no better reason than the Oscars to show it off. I love the deep V neckline mixed with the fishtail bottom. It accentuated her curve in all of the right places. The thickness of the arms mixed with the deep V highlight her small waist and the curve of the fishtail makes her booty extra juicy! Yes, I seriously did say that.

The finale of her easy and loose up-do mixed with simple jewels truly let HER shine on the red carpet. She wore this frock, the frock did not wear her. Keep it up Tina, I have a feeling you might rule this awards show as well very soon…..

Sarah Jessica Parker’s 2009 Oscar Gown

Every awards show has got to have a princess and this Oscars season, we’ve got SJP. I LOVE this gown. Often times this ballroom gown look is just overdone and gaudy. Sarah Jessica managed to look effortlessly sheik and sophisticated. Even the over-excess of tulle could have easily thrown her onto the worst dressed list, but yet again, she has wowed her fans (I include myself:).

Although it was difficult to tell on camera, the color of this dress was actually a light green sea-foam. What a perfect color choice to go along with the 50′s bodice style of the gown. The intricate beading done on the top half of the gown, mixed with the very straight forward tulle bottom half was a complimentary combination. It was truly not too overdone. The simple satin belt was the right cinch for her tiny waist and really gave definition to a very BIG dress!

Her flowing waves were the right choice for such a dramatic dress. She kept her grooming quite fresh which was a great backdrop to her Cinderella gown. A bracelet placed high on her arm was the singular touch of modernity that brought the entire look together. Now, lets just hope that she doesn’t lose a glass slipper before midnight……

Photo courtesy of Moviefone at AOL.com