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  • I have nothing to wear.
  • I hate shopping.
  • I never know how to put things together.


  • I can help!
  • Stop wasting time buying the wrong things.
  • Learn easy tricks to style things quickly!


Do you want your closet to look like this?

(Um, yes please)

Image from myfashioncents.com

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Do you want someone to make shopping painless?

(Know exactly what to buy, never make a shopping “mistake” again)

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Do you want to know how to make easy, stylish outfits?

(Even the pup loves this look!)



“Let me take this opportunity, as I’ve been meaning to write you formally, to say how THRILLED I am with my new wardrobe.  I could not be more happy with my new clothing, the styling you did to bring it all together and my new ‘look’.  I now look forward to getting ready everyday and am having fun dressing on the weekends too (whereas before it was ‘what can I grab that doesn’t look like I’m going to work’).  As I enter a new chapter in my life, this really came at a perfect time and I am so very appreciative of your work.”

Amy and her team are booking for fall and winter now!!

Make your life easier (and more fabulous).


Amy’s New Reel




Here it is folks, what you have been waiting for your entire lives….. My new, fabulous reel. So maybe the build up was a bit much, but seriously, it was time for a new reel. I don’t even think I had found clip-in hair extensions or botox in my last reel, meaning, I possibly look better and younger this time. POSSIBLY. Either way, here she is, shiny and new, enjoy!


Own less, style more by building your wardrobe correctly.

There are very few men in this world that LOVE shopping. There are even less that know how to do it correctly. This is not a slight against all of the male population (although it may sound like it), just a very researched observation. Let me save you from yourselves and get you back to watching football. That is a lot of stereotypes in one paragraph:)



The video above says it all. What are the 5 items that every man should own to build the best wardrobe possible? It is simple, not overly complicated and will make getting dressed boarder line pleasurable. You will actually have pieces to wear to ALL occasions no matter what event you are being dragged to. Even for the men who do love fashion, building your bro style will be made easier by starting with these 5 items.


Men's Essentials

Let’s jump right in, shall we? For starters, every man no matter what his age, socio-economic background or size needs to purchase these 5 must have pieces. Here goes:

  • Classic white button down
  • Casual yet sophisticated blazer
  • Dark straight-leg jeans
  • English leather loafers (or oxfords)
  • Snazzy pair of aviators


It is all in how you mix and match the pieces with other items in your repertoire that make the look uniquely yours. As for the afore-mentioned variables including age and size, you need to be true to yourself. That means, be realistic about what size you are and WEAR CLOTHING THAT FITS. Most men go the “too big” route, but either direction is going to be detrimental to your fashion health. You should recognize that you do in fact have a body and show off that the gym has been kind to you. If you haven’t been bench pressing lately, wearing your clothing too big for comfort will only make you look bigger. All clothing should skim the body slightly. It should not be falling off or clinging to you for dear life. As for choosing the specific style, I leave that up to you and your personal taste. Remember, simple is typically better to get more use out of these basics.

Club Monaco blazer, Gitman Vintage oxford button down shirtAcne Studios black skinny jeans, Calvin Klein loafers and Ray Ban aviators

Belstaff: The Original Coat for a Man

Everybody’s doing it. Brad Pitt did it in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Will Smith saved the world in it. Hell, even guys hating middle age (yes, that’s you John Travolta) have done it. And let’s not forget our little Shia, he looked pretty cute doing it too. What is it that they are all doing? Trying on their guy’s guy look by rocking a Belstaff coat. A very simple way for a man to get in touch with his rugged biker side.

Founded in 1924 in Staffordshire, England, Belstaff has remained the “it” coat for men who are looking to invest in a piece that really doesn’t lose it’s value. Not to mention that it seriously is pretty studly. I didn’t learn about this little gem of a brand until my boyfriend threw his Belstaff on and I almost hit the floor. Now I must admit that he is pretty damn cute standing alone, but wearing his Belstaff did wonders for his “hot” quotient. I suggest all women promote their man buying anything that will make them look even hotter.

The original Belstaff gansta, or at least the first movie star to make it popular, was Steve McQueen. He would wear the very popular Trailmaster while biking. In 2007, Belstaff released a new and improved Trailmaster in honor of Steve Mcqueen. He must have really loved his Belstaff.

Why all of this talk about Belstaff? Well, I wish they were paying me, but that is hardly true. I was in J. Crew over the weekend and they are now selling Belstaff! I don’t regularly walk into J. Crew (although I do like it), so I had no idea! As the price point of J. Crew goes up (thank you Michelle Obama for wearing it), so do the brands that they carry. Belstaff is definitely an investment with this particular coat being $795. But as I mentioned, it is definitely a worthy investment and does not lose it’s value! It is meant to look rugged and worn in. The one my boyfriend has is actually waxed cotton, which means every 2 years he has to re-wax it for $50 and it looks brand new. Pause for sexual joke.

So invest boys and buy yourself some manliness.

J. Crew Belstaff Trailmaster Jacket: $795

Men’s Cowboy Shirts: Saddle Up Boys!

We all know (and if you don’t, I am here to tell you!) that cowboy shirts are a big trend this year. People is the south must laugh at this because cowboy is not a style, it is a way of life! But either way, the rest of the universe is swinging back around and grabbing themselves one of these fun and themed little pieces.

Men are definitely not outside of this trend. They can be cowboy-riffic as well! There may not be a strong need to pull out your cowboy hat and pistol, but obviously this lovely gentleman to the right is really enjoying his! He is very serious about his cowboy style.

This look is not meant to be super-themed. Wearing a cowboy shirt alone is theme enough! Possibly adding in a pair of tattered cowboy boots would be a nice, and not a completely overdone touch. They should be worn under your pants so you are really only seeing the front of them. Truthfully, if you were wearing them with your pants tucked in that would be a whole different post… Most likely it would be labeled under “Fashion Faux Pas Central”. Let’s keep it simple here boys, I know that is how most of you like it anyway:)

You are cool, accessible and understand that being trendy is not wrong. You can show off your stylish side and still look like you are not trying to hard. Wow Matthew Mcconaughey, you really do understand what it is to be a big, strong man and still show a woman that you have your own sense of style. If you un-buttoned your shirt any futher though, I might have to place you with your above counterpart in my “Fashion Faux Pas Central” section. Let’s keep the nipple viewing for running on the beach….

When buying your new, trendy cowboy shirt, you should have fun with your color and pattern choice. Obviously you don’t want to buy something that is too far out of what you would normally wear, but push yourself a little. Think trend, not costume! This French Connection shirt is perfect for a guy that wants to try something new, but doesn’t want the whole party to stare at him when he walks in the door. This is the, “I know what is up and I am not afraid to show it” shirt. Confidence is the sexiest quality in a man and wearing this shirt shows you have it.

French Connection Check 72 Woven $39.99

Photo courtesy of Halloweenit.com
Photo courtesy of Moderngear.tv