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Flat Front Fab for Men

No more pleats damn it! Just as the high-waisted, side zip pants create a simply unflattering look for women, the pleated pant makes me queasy on men. For heaven’s sake, they barely even make the style anymore, yet somehow men have a sick radar that allows them to find a far off Kohl’s that has the last known pair of pleated pants available. Stop the madness.

You want to look hot, women want you to look hot and finally, designers are beginning to realize how un-hot the pleated pant is. It is a general rule of thumb that every new male client that I meet with will have a sufficient amount of oversized pleated pants that are begging me to burn them. As with jeans, for both men and women, it is better to own fewer better fitting pairs than overstocking on immense amounts of AWFUL trousers. Throw them out. Seriously.

Start out slow. Buy yourself fitted, not skinny, straight-leg, flat front, no cuff pants. Think three neutral pairs, black, charcoal and brown. Add in a few slight pinstripe pairs if you are feeling crazy. This pattern will still go with everything just as the solid styles as long as the pinstripe is fairly faint. Make sure that there is a single crease down the front of the leg. The final step is to go to a great tailor to make sure that they are hemmed to the proper length. There should be a slight break at your mid-front calf. Do not hem them too long or wear them too big, these are not for lounging around on a Sunday!!!

Liz Claiborne Tone-on-Tone Plaid Fulton-Fit Pants

Check Out My Post For Men’s Style!

Finally, a post for all of the stylish men out there! I swore I would get to your fashion needs, so here it is….. A fabulous post at ProperCloth.com/blog about how to properly mix patterns for suit/tie/shirt combos. Don’t let your brain hurt by this task, take a cue from your fashion stylist (me) and follow the simple rules I have posted!
Check out your new easy guide to looking hot and stylishly bold at ProperCloth.com/blog. While you are there, create your own custom shirts to practice your new found styling skills, I have complete faith in you.