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Own less, style more by building your wardrobe correctly.

There are very few men in this world that LOVE shopping. There are even less that know how to do it correctly. This is not a slight against all of the male population (although it may sound like it), just a very researched observation. Let me save you from yourselves and get you back to watching football. That is a lot of stereotypes in one paragraph:)



The video above says it all. What are the 5 items that every man should own to build the best wardrobe possible? It is simple, not overly complicated and will make getting dressed boarder line pleasurable. You will actually have pieces to wear to ALL occasions no matter what event you are being dragged to. Even for the men who do love fashion, building your bro style will be made easier by starting with these 5 items.


Men's Essentials

Let’s jump right in, shall we? For starters, every man no matter what his age, socio-economic background or size needs to purchase these 5 must have pieces. Here goes:

  • Classic white button down
  • Casual yet sophisticated blazer
  • Dark straight-leg jeans
  • English leather loafers (or oxfords)
  • Snazzy pair of aviators


It is all in how you mix and match the pieces with other items in your repertoire that make the look uniquely yours. As for the afore-mentioned variables including age and size, you need to be true to yourself. That means, be realistic about what size you are and WEAR CLOTHING THAT FITS. Most men go the “too big” route, but either direction is going to be detrimental to your fashion health. You should recognize that you do in fact have a body and show off that the gym has been kind to you. If you haven’t been bench pressing lately, wearing your clothing too big for comfort will only make you look bigger. All clothing should skim the body slightly. It should not be falling off or clinging to you for dear life. As for choosing the specific style, I leave that up to you and your personal taste. Remember, simple is typically better to get more use out of these basics.

Club Monaco blazer, Gitman Vintage oxford button down shirtAcne Studios black skinny jeans, Calvin Klein loafers and Ray Ban aviators

Host Your Own Sass N Style Workshop!

Do you have a closet full of clothes but just don’t know what to do with them? Do you find you buy things in the store, but once you get them home they look and feel differently? Do you ever wish that you could just open your closet up to a professional stylist and have them tell you exactly how to use what you have and buy what you need? Now you can!!!

My lovely Sass N Style team is ready and waiting to come to your home, office, women network and beyond to show how style and image can improve your confidence. My team’s goal is to provide event attendees with recession-proof style options that fit any budget or body type. Your personal stylist also shows how branding yourself through your look can promote a strong sense of self in the boardroom and can command respect from your colleagues. We accomplish this by helping women better use items in their existing wardrobe and identifying sensibly priced additions that can help their style evolve. Learn how to utilize “work” clothes for leisure and “leisure” clothes for work. Make the most of your wardrobe!

Event attendees are encouraged to bring with them an item of clothing that confuses them or that they love so their personal sassy stylist can show them multiple ways to wear it. Attendees will also receive a 12-page booklet with Amy Salinger’s style tips and advice. It is like having your very own personal stylist teach you the tricks of the trade!

Booklet Outline:

(1.5-2 hours)
  • Identify your style
  • Mark your territory: Style exercise to develop your current look
  • Accentuate the positive: Insider tips to showing off your best assets!
  • “The Rules”: The do’s and don’ts of styling and shopping
  • Foundation pieces: What to own to build your wardrobe properly

What People Are Saying:

“The OSU Alumni Association recently hosted a Sass N Style workshop led by stylist Amy Salinger and we are thrilled with the results! Amy was extremely engaging and very knowledgeable. Her style tips and demonstrations were a huge hit- with attendees receiving tips that won’t bust their budget, but will surely improve their look. The Sass N Style workshop is great for all sizes, shapes, budgets and ages!”

-Erin Essak Kopp
Director of Alumni Programs

“I wanted you to know that I felt the two hours I was at the Sass N Style workshop, listening to your ideas/suggestions/hints, was probably the most informative and enjoyable 2 hours I have spent in a long time. I found the information that you shared was interesting and valuable. You are truly well suited for your chosen career. I actually put things into practice this morning getting ready for work. And by the compliments I have received today, I fell like you have taught me well.”

-Alissa Amidon
Sass N Style attendee

Please contact me for pricing details at info@amysalinger.net. Small and large groups are welcome! Workshop details can be altered to fit the parties needs.