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Topshop for Nordstrom

Let’s take a moment to praise the fashion Gods, Kate Moss for Topshop has arrived at Nordstrom. I know that is a lot of names in one sentence, but it is all the right ones. Kate Moss has teamed up again with Topshop, a big (and decently priced) retailer from England, to bring you a new collection. Better news, Nordstrom is selling it too. And don’t forget the rest of the regular Topshop collection…

topshop 1


One of my absolute favorites from the collection are these wide leg pants. Prints for the bottom half are trending this season so they add a perfect pop to your summer look. Wide leg is hard to pull off if you are under 5’6″, so just add a small (or big) wedge for some height.

topshop 2


And, if it ever actually gets warm here on the east coast, I am buying this bright orange two-piece. LOVE. I have a small chest (very happily, thank you!), but the T-strap caged back provides a lot of support for the bigger busted gals. Now I just need a tan…

topshop 3


I just don’t know about the skort phenomenon. I suck at tennis, so where am I wearing this thing?? If you are down with this (I allow you to be), then you can be tennis chic in this color , black, red, or white. Buying all 4 colors is not permitted :)

topshop 4


Yes to this jacket. I know that this is a huge trend and it literally seems like everyone owns one (especially in NYC and LA), but there is a reason. It works…With everything. And you can bunch it up and leave in your bag as a layering piece, it is not just an outdoor jacket!!!

topshop 5


I love a good maxi dress. They are comfortable, chic and easy. Need I say more? The only issue is length. Like any long dress, expect tailoring if you are below 5’6″. The good news is for for all you tall ladies, this piece is your friend. There is usually length to spare…Did anyone catch those shoes?? Just say NO to trendy birkenstocks. Seriously??

So now there is no excuse for not looking fabulous for the right price. You can travel to Topshop (there is one in NYC, come say hi to me!), Nordstrom (they are all over) or just hop online. You will look like Kate Moss in no time…

NYC Street Style

Summer is coming to a close, but my friends and I had to get one more daytime concert in before saying goodbye. The MOMA has a small museum next to where I live in Queens (yes, I live in Queens on the water and love it). Every Saturday during the summer they throw a “Warm-Up Party” that goes on all day. Every hour is a different DJ and there is a big dance party where recess used to be. It is a fashion feast for the eyes, no jean shorts and t-shirts here…. Unless they are bedazzled with leather and gold jewelry:)

All of my friends had the same idea, comfortable yet super stylish. The crowd is very mixed, so as long as you have your own sense of style, you will look amazing. I went for a ghetto fabulous look with tons and tons of gold jewelry and a basic American Apparel tube dress. I seem to be into ghetto fab these days. The yellow RL messenger bag was my pop of color.

My bestie Danielle was also all about the accessories. Rebecca Minkoff bag, J Crew necklace and Sperry docksiders. Her pop of color was in her jeans and blue nail polish.

Boots are definitely in for summer and Grace was no stranger. Somehow she managed to make a flowy top and pearly with with grungy jeans shorts and Steve Madden brown boots. I love a good combo when it works….