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NYC Street Style

Summer is coming to a close, but my friends and I had to get one more daytime concert in before saying goodbye. The MOMA has a small museum next to where I live in Queens (yes, I live in Queens on the water and love it). Every Saturday during the summer they throw a “Warm-Up Party” that goes on all day. Every hour is a different DJ and there is a big dance party where recess used to be. It is a fashion feast for the eyes, no jean shorts and t-shirts here…. Unless they are bedazzled with leather and gold jewelry:)

All of my friends had the same idea, comfortable yet super stylish. The crowd is very mixed, so as long as you have your own sense of style, you will look amazing. I went for a ghetto fabulous look with tons and tons of gold jewelry and a basic American Apparel tube dress. I seem to be into ghetto fab these days. The yellow RL messenger bag was my pop of color.

My bestie Danielle was also all about the accessories. Rebecca Minkoff bag, J Crew necklace and Sperry docksiders. Her pop of color was in her jeans and blue nail polish.

Boots are definitely in for summer and Grace was no stranger. Somehow she managed to make a flowy top and pearly with with grungy jeans shorts and Steve Madden brown boots. I love a good combo when it works….

Meet My New Stylish Intern

It has come time to bring on a young fashionista who is determined to build Sass N Style into the empire it deserves to be. Meet Jaclyn Taylor Fleurant, otherwise known as @jac_taylor (for those of you that want to follow her directly on Instagram). Here are her “style stats”: 19 years old, sophomore at Drexel University, majoring in fashion design and merchandising. I think she fits the bill to show you even more fabulous looks then I have time to keep up with. Communicate with her directly at Jaclyn@sassnstyle.com. Get ready for her to blow it up…..
I bought this dress at the Patricia Field store on the Bowery in NYC. I am obsessed with the “mullet” style dress (short in the front, long in back), but I had trouble finding one that I absolutely LOVED. When I found this, I knew it was “the one” (and it was only $70). Just a little double stick tape in the front to make sure it doesn’t swing open and it was perfect. I styled Jaclyn up with a ton of bracelets including Alex and Ani and a few vintage mixed with an Urban Outfitter’s watch. The ending note was Jaclyn’s shades from 5 below (apparently everything is under 5 bucks) and her Sam Edelman boots. LOVE.

Summer Straw Hats

Someone save Kim! Her hat is going to swallow her! Seriously, this is a little ridiculous. How does one maneuver doors in this hat? What you don’t know about this picture is that Kim Cattrall has a personal handler just for her hat and it was placed directly on her once she sat down. It will promptly be removed once she decides to move again…… I am just kidding for those that don’t get my sarcastic humor.

So what is realistic when it comes to summer straw hats? What is too big? I personally have one simple rule, if you can’t see anybody around you, the hat is probably too big. Of course this may be a plus for certain people trying to avoid others…. It should be just wide enough to cover your face so the sun can’t get to it. Sorry ladies, you are just going to have to slather sunscreen on your shoulders because if the hat is that wide, you probably will need a hat handler as well.

Now here is another problem. Wide brim straw hats should, I repeat, should only be worn to warm weather events surrounding a body of water. You are very within your means at a pool party, BBQ on the lake or cruising around in a sailboat, but the red carpet sponsored by Zales? Really? Really?!? Bethany Frankel, I am one of your bigger fans (I love loud mouths like myself), but this hat is only part of your offense. I cannot go without mentioning that this entire outfit is nuts. Add in the lollipop to boot and I just can’t take it. The ruffle, the sash, the hat, the feather, the lollipop, I am going to burst! Take that hat, rip off the feather and throw on a bikini, done. Oh yea, and get off the red carpet and head directly to the beach……

So here we have a good option for most gals…. It is breathable (so your head won’t be drenched in sweat), it is a good circumference and it has some style. Look at how awesome this model looks in her wide brim summer straw hat! This piece instantly adds class and style to any water-bound ensemble. Don’t you see yourself on the high seas near the French Riviera? Boat and hot captain not included.

I truly believe it is a necessity these days to own some type of wide brim hat to block yourself from harmful UV rays. Yes, I am a doctor as well as a stylist. Truthfully, when you can own something that does double duty, style and protection, why not? I love something that is two for the price of one.

Bloomingdales: Auqa Floppy Sun Hat with Metallic Edge- $58

HOT Summer Work Looks

Just because the temperature is up doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! Let’s face it, according to me, unless you are traveling through the insect infested backwoods of the country, you should never sacrifice style. Come down on me summer heat, I will fight back and do it in fashion.

The key to fighting this insane heat that is about to descend upon us is to layer on, layer off. Going to the office is much different then being IN the office. Why do they always put the thermometer at a lovely 50 degrees when it is pushing 100 outside??? Apparently the person paying the bill is not setting the temperature…..

Just as this look from J Crew is showing you, the most important thing in summertime is to look like you weren’t trying too hard. It should be easy and breezy, just as your summer attitude is! Nothing too structured, nothing too overwhelming, the layers should almost always be able to go from daytime to nighttime. This lovely variable gives your summer wardrobe a lot more flexibility then any other season. Materials are light and breathable, meaning that any sort of lining might be stifling. Only suits should really present the possibility of having 2 layers to contend with.

The sheath dress is a fabulous option to play with during the next couple of months. You can easily layer items on during the warmer months and utilize it later in the year by layering under! I love versatility. A neutral color, such as this tan, allows you to truly play with it as a foundation piece and change it up completely depending on what you put with it. Change the belt, necklace, shoes, layering piece and bam, it is an entirely different outfit. The style works on most body types from straight to curvy, it really just depends on how you style it. Make it works ladies!

If you work at a location that requires you to wear a suit, don’t fret. I can style you fabulous no matter what! Again, the most important factor is to keep it looking like you didn’t try too hard. I know, I know, “How do I do that with a suit???” Easy. It is all about how you “wear” the suit and style it. Rolling up the sleeves is key. This automatically gives it a more laid back feeling. It becomes a bit more accessible rather then stiff and uninviting. Adding a blouse that is colorful and printed will help to brighten the overall look. Keeping the material loose and the shirt un-tucked may seem inappropriate, but remember ladies, you are wearing it under a suit! You are already so put together that wearing the undergarment in a more casual way will NOT throw off the entire ensemble. No one in the office will be staring you down for your inappropriate attire!

The final touch on any FAB ensemble is the jewelry! It is easy to buy, easy to style and a fairly inexpensive way to pump up any look, any season. For summer I always promote colorful stones. It pushes whatever outfit you have created into the playful, summer outfit you aspire to create! From necklaces to bracelets to earrings, adding a fun summer bauble is the final touch that your amazing outfit needs! Remember ladies, don’t overdo it. A fantastic look really only needs one pop piece. Choose one great item and make it shine! Then, your whole outfit will be like a ray of sunshine………….

J Crew Leopard Skirt/Top/Cardigan
J Crew Sheath Dress: $158
Banana Republic Jacket:$150
Banana Republic Pants: $79

Ann Taylor Loft Necklace: $39.50