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Make $ and Make Room!

Is there anything better than making some money and making room to buy even more! I don’t think so. Consignment is the beautiful answer to cleaning out your closet and truly making room for your fashion evolution. In this fantastic time of recession, we are all trying to figure out ways to make extra cash and not really change our lifestyles that much. This might just be the answer to our prayers.

As I have already promoted, cleaning out your closet twice a year is truly the best way to keep things organized, remember what you own and make way for your new seasonal goodies. Giving things to Salvation Army is the kind and generous thing to do, but passing along a Gucci blazer to a person who may as well think it came from Target is just a crime. So, I suggest putting together a separate pile of those beautiful items that true shopaholics may enjoy for half the price. In order to receive such gifts, you must give such gifts:)

Tribecas Closet is one of my latest and greatest finds. It is an on-line, yes on-line, consignment store. Does life get any easier? The greatest part is that if you live in the NYC area, the beautiful and lovely owner will actually personally come and pick up your garments! Talk about a custom-made service. Now, not only is consignment a fantastic way to clean out and clean up, but it is also the perfect answer to buying designer at half the price. Did I mention recession proof style? Well now I did…. Go be fabulous and frugal, no one will know the difference!

Go find fabulousness at Tribecas Closet!

Stand Out Luggage

There really is a simple solution for one of life’s most annoying problems. Trust me, you are familiar with it. You are tired, you are cranky and now you need to stand around starring at every stinkin’ black back on the luggage carousel hoping that it is your stinkin’ black bag. Let’s think logically with our fashion brains here folks. Hmmmm…… Ah yes! Purchase a bag that DOES NOT look like everyone elses! Purchase a bag that looks like you (well your style anyway).

One of the greatest things about searching for your new luggage is that it is always on sale. Always. Any of the top designer discount stores, think Loehmann’s, Filenes and T.J. Maxx, will have at least one fabulous bag.

Diane Von Furstenberg has been designing clothing since the ’70′s and is certainly well-known for it. Well, let me introduce you to her stylish and sturdy line of luggage. Love this luggage. And, to make life even better, it is always in the designer discount stores so DO NOT buy it for full price ever!!! Most of her luggage is done in materials that will not be super damaged by the lovely bag handlers at the airport. Also, the inside of her bags are just as fabulous as the outside. This bag is hot pink inside! Oohh, fun. She also has simple styles for the not so crazy, but they definitely come in solid colors other than black. Remember, style goes beyond what you wear on your back. Style is everything you surround yourself with, so surround yourself with fabulous.

Diane Von Furstenberg Twigs 25′ Expandable Upright
$226.76 (Original $425.00!!!)

Find Your Funk with This Great Bag

I am constantly on the search for amazing, new designers that create beautiful pieces without the ridiculous price tag. A great bag should be anywhere between $150 and $450…. Of course you can go higher, but this is a reasonable standard! Shih handbags fit that mark. They are realistic in style yet trendy in their design. I bought my first one at the beginning of the Summer and the world showed their love for it by complimenting my awesome purchase on every street corner and subway platform.

I was reminded of how much I love this designer when one of my best friends took me to Loehmann’s to get my stamp of approval on her purchase. The funny thing is that my friends and I share a fashion brain and I had already been scoping out this delightfully yummy bag. I got to live vicariously through the swipe of her credit card because the honest truth is I already have a black patent leather bag that would serve the same purpose. Be a smart shopper, you don’t need everything!!!! Truth is that I have been too busy buying antique jewelry lately, oops.

This bag basically kicks ass. Literally. Have you looked at the studs on this thing? I know they are similar to the Balenciaga motorcycle bag, but ladies, I would never direct you toward a knock off. Oh, hell no. It also is a perfectly manageable size to fit your everyday life into without losing it. My best friend and I have very different styles, she is dainty, I am NOT, but this bag really does work for many different “types” of women. It is your individual flashy piece that makes you stand out or, for me, it ties in the rest of my flash!

The greatest part about this bag is that the second strap does not fall off your shoulder. You know you hate that, so annoying. Your entire life is easily accessible and yet difficult for a sneaky pick pocket man to acquire. This is a completely reasonable thought process when you are buying a bag ladies!!!! A great purchase should cover all bases:)

Shih Handbags: Black Patent “Diego Toto” East-West Tote

I Love This Designer

Lailia is one of my newest finds that I am completely obsessed with. I was at their showroom today trying on their fabulous designs because as you New York women know, it is sample sale time! I am also lucky enough to be borrowing some of their amazing pieces for some upcoming TV appearances I have… Of course there will be more information about that coming soon…. Well, very soon since I leave on Thursday:)

Lailia was created by two sisters who obviously have a keen eye for not only design, but fantastic style as well. Their pieces literally hugged my curves in all of the right places. Most are architecturally fabulous, meaning that the silhouettes and cuts are impecable. They are truly made to fit a woman’s body.

Although this dress is from their upcoming Spring 2009 collection, definately check out their current lines for your perfect holiday dress. They really do design a full collection that has everything from cute work garments to black tie affair gowns. The quality is head and shoulders above most designers as well.

Although these two ladies are fairly new as a design team, they are definitely established in their own right. No humor here folks, these girls are the real deal.

Lailia Collection

Chloe and Reese: 10% Off Just For You!!!

I love to be able to offer my friends, clients and loyal blog followers special insider deals because I am cool and know the right people:) So here goes folks, (discount) holiday shop until your heart is content! This line is fabulous for interesting and sophisticated basics that are truly investment pieces. LOVE their skirts. You are now officially reaping the benefits of reading my very informational, stylish, (and funny) blog:

Chloe and Reese has launched the first international custom shoppe for the modern day glamour girl.

As seen in Lucky, Marie Claire, WWD, on-line at the New York Times, Teen Vogue and Daily Candy!!!

Chloe and Reese
is sold at Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus, Harrod’s of London, at fine retailers around the world and now on-line at www.chloeandreese.com!!!

With this invite, receive 10% off your purchase in our exclusive online custom shoppe! Select from feminine, flirty, sophisticated and classic looks, and then customize and personalize in hundreds of lush fabrics, colors and patterns!

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