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Kendra Scott Jewelry: Make Your Own!

I love big, shiny things. They call to me in my sleep, “Come here and buy us Amy… You want to wear us Amy….” Just a normal night’s sleep for a fashion stylist.

Kendra Scott jewelry is an awesome line that actually lets you create your own big, shiny things. She basically gives you the map and tools to choose your own fabulous color palette. It is simple and easy, not to mention fun.

When romping around Henri Bendel’s a few weeks back, I came across this designer. I was a bit confused at first because there was a long table with tons of different stones in amazing colors. There were also a bunch of empty skeletons for earrings, necklaces and rings. It was quickly explained to me that this was a “do-it-yourself” type of jewelry project. Ooohhh goody!

There are a few, easy steps to this creative, jewelry making process:

Step One: Select your jewelry silhouette
Step Two: Choose your custom stone combination
Step Three: Watch the Kendra Scott representative create your custom style in just minutes!
Step Four: Awesome (I created that one:)

So there you have it, custom creations created by you. Not only is this project great fun for your own personal collection, but what a great gift idea? You can give the same pair of earrings out to all of your friends in different colors! Did I mention how easy this was?????

Danielle Earrings in Plum on Gold-Tone: $60
Danielle Earrings in Cobalt on Gold-Tone: $60
Ignacia Necklace in Smoky on Gold-Tone: $200
Otylia Ring in Python on Gold-Tone: $75

Parisian Chic for a Daytime Stroll?

When I have meetings all day all over the city, I have to make sure I look cute and professional…. Not to mention comfortable! This outfit literally started with a hat and a hair-do. I had a bra and underwear on and was having a brain fart when it came to my actual outfit. But have no fear, I barreled through it and managed to create one of my more favorite ensembles.

When my head hurts from trying to put together something amazing, I usually grab for my go-to foundation piece, a white button down. It is a no-brainer for almost any gal because it looks clean, crisp and sophisticated. If you have trouble closing it because of a “bust” issue, layer a white tank underneath. I paired it with my flare leg Seven jeans and called it a day. It really was my AWESOME gold 50′s style jacket that made the outfit anyway:) Remember ladies, your outfit does not have to be the most complicated part of your look, your outermost layer can say it all! Especially if you are outside all day as I was…..

As for styling, the part that made this look the most interesting was the fact that the sleeves of my jacket were 3/4 length. This allowed the wide cuff of my tuxedo style white button down to peek out. The collar of the shirt also showed just enough to make the look a bit different. A jacket is not always just for warmth, it can be your look!

To finish out my fab Parisian chic ensemble, I put a day’s worth of stuff into my Prada saddle bag. Let’s not get crazy, I did not pay full price for this. I got it almost 6 years ago at Filene’s Basement in Chicago. At the time dropping $400 on a purse was a lot, but I mulled it over and decided it would be well worth the large price tag. I have never regretted the purchase and have used it over and over and over and over…. You get the idea:)

Buy things you love and styling yourself will not be the most difficult task of your day….

Maternity Maven: Fab at any Month

I absolutely love working with pregnant women. They are going through a crazy, body changing period and getting dressed (never mind actually looking cute) seems borderline painful. Being able to give them back their fashionable confidence is definitely a favorite part of my job.

My first pregnant client ever was lucky enough to go through it on television. That is obviously a joke. Imagine having to handle your body continually evolving for 9 months, and then most likely another year past that, and having to do it all on camera. You know the term, “the camera adds 10 pounds”? Think how frightening that statement would be when combined with your first pregnancy. Lucky for her I am a fabulous stylist and I love a good challenge!

Ladies, it is really all about making sure that no matter what month of pregnancy you are in, you still show that you have a body. Much like I promote wearing silhouette conscious clothing when you are a curvier woman, this is very similar. Once you put on a garbage bag of a dress, you look even BIGGER than you are. Stop with the frumpy, slouchy clothing when you are pregnant! In fact, my biggest pet peeve for lovely pregnant women is when they try and shop in the “regular” sized section until their 7th month. You are pregnant, not fat, wear clothing that is made for your new, curvy body. The maternity section is designed to fit this new body of yours, therefore it is going to fit you properly. What a fabulous concept!

This particular dress is a great example of a silhouette that will truly work on almost every pregnant woman at any month. It clearly shows that you have a womanly figure by being fitted around the arms and bust. An empire waist, when it cinches just under the bust, is a fantastic choice for any stage of pregnancy. It allows for movement and comfort around your stomach while remaining fitted on the upper half of your body. Also, this particular neckline is great to not over-accentuate a growing bust line. It does not drape over your boobs drawing attention to them, but rather draws the eye upward to the neck. Of course the fact that it is a jersey material is only more enticing being that it will feel like you are in a nightgown! Comfort and style DO go hand in hand.

Photo courtesy of showhype.com
Long sleeve babydoll maternity dress $29.98

One Outfit, Two Ways: Casual to Dressy.

I realize you may be doing a double take right now, but yes, those are different outfits. Apparently I need to work on my supermodel poses because I have only mastered one. What is with the bent knee? I will keep practicing….

This past Saturday night I was torn on how dressy I wanted to go. It was a “nice dinner” type of night, so I wanted to look good, but not like I was trying TOO hard. Sometimes changing up your ensemble to make it appropriate for that day’s activities is as simple as changing one or two things. You don’t necessarily need an entirely new outfit.

Take my chic yet comfortable dinner date look. Option number one included my straight leg dark blue earnest sewn jeans, paired with a black tank top as the foundation pieces. Option number two was just my simple black American Apparel tube dress. Both are comfy and basic, yet give different levels of sass. By keeping the top layer and accessories the same, the foundation items are really the changing force.

I always promote that your brain does not need to overwork in order to create a fabulous outfit. We all have “go-to” looks that work every time, well what if you changed them up by switching out even just one item? You may have a completely different outfit without trying that hard!

There are two ways to easily create new outfits with just a quick switch. The least complicated is to keep your foundation the same and change out your accessories. Choose a necklace instead of your favorite earrings, change your bag (maybe go bigger or smaller), put some funk in your shoes. … These are easy and simple tips to create ANOTHER favorite look. The other route I would take for changing it up would be to follow your leader (me:), and switch out the foundation items while keeping the same general feeling. It is your top layer and accessories that really give any look its flavor. For example, this outfit was a bit earthy with a twist of funk and sophistication, the foundation items I chose only made it a dressier or more casual version.

So stop pounding your head on the wall and understand that it does not have to be that difficult! Use your head and your ability for logic, change can be simple and still have a killer effect…