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Charles Nolan: Fab Designer

  • by Amy Salinger
  • September 12th, 2011
  • My Style

There is nothing better than strolling around for a full afternoon roaming in and out of amazing boutiques. It is not necessarily about spending every penny of your hard earned cash, it is about scanning the shopping scene and knowing what is out there. What are the newest trends? What pieces should you start saving for? What items do you need to own right now?!?

I enlisted the help of my oldest friend Allison for a Sunday date of B & B (otherwise known as brunch and boutiques:). We made our way through the Meat Packing district (known for it’s shopping and restaurants, not for packing meat). We stumbled in many amazing boutiques. Needless to say, we came across a few gems along the way and found a new favorite of mine…..

Charles Nolan is a fantastic boutique in the meatpacking, not only was it merchandised to perfection, but the owner was so fabulous! Who said NY’ers weren’t nice?

Talk about making the most out of a small space! In a place like NYC, obviously square footage is a commodity. Charles Nolan is one of the best small boutiques truly utilizing it’s space. There was clothing, jewelry, vintage, home goods, you name it, they had it. This custom made dress was a featured corner that made the entire room shine.

One of my favorite areas of the store was the “vintage room”. In a small section, probably originally a closet, I found my happy place. From floor to ceiling, Allison happily made her way through amazing find after amazing find. It was like a kid in a very tiny candy store. You had to really take your time to find each diamond in the ruff, but patience is a virtue, and having it really paid off in this situation!

This vintage fur and leather coat was my “piece de resistance”. Frankly put, I would rock this thing all over town. It was one of their vintage pieces that just sang to me when I saw it. There is something to be said for putting on a deliciously stylish fur item that just instantly makes you feel luxurious. With all of the new and shiny garments out there, it is important to remember that the “originals” are sometimes still the best.

Monday morning is now here and my lovely day of B & B will only live on in this blog post. Try and always make time for a little B & B during your next Sunday because it just seems to make Monday so much easier……


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