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Cheap and Chic Finds ALL the Time

  • by Amy Salinger
  • May 18th, 2009
  • My Style

I had to do it. I fought it. I kicked and I screamed. And yet, I caved. Yes folks, it is time to Twitter.

Alas, I always aim to be different and truly entertaining/useful in this world. So, there will be no Tweets about drinking coffee or telling you what my sandwich consists of, no, these Tweets will do nothing more than help your stylish wardrobe. As I roam the streets of NYC everyday, I always stop and wish I could tell the world about the fabulously dressed people I meet, or the amazing ensemble I am wearing that day. Or even shout from the rooftops about the crazy sale going on at a well-known store. Well now I can! And it benefits all of my readers, you too will now be in the fashion loop. You too can be the first to know about the cheap and chic deals going on all over town. You too can learn about the amazing outfits that would look oh so great on your back (copying is the greatest form of flattery:).

So without further adieu, sign up to follow me at Sass N Style on Twitter. And my dear followers, it is time to spread the word about everything Sass N Style! From Twitter to the blog to the episodes themselves, I recruit you to help Amy Salinger get that TV show you all want me to have! Imagine a full half hour of Salinger styling tips. I know, it is too exciting for words:)


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