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Chloe Sevigny: Vintage Chic

Her style is consistently spoken about, yet it appears so off the cuff it is truly difficult to emulate at times. This is what makes a real fashionista, making the impossibly confusing or unattractive seem effortless and chic. Enter Chloe Sevigny.

Although it appears that she was just dragged from a second hand store, don’t be fooled, there is definite thought behind this vintage fabulous look. The great combination of old and new, be it designer or flea market retro, are what truly make this look a style. She manages to easily mix together pieces that most people would consider time for Salvation Army and give them a new and fantastic life.

Pulling together her vintage chic look is also about understanding your proportions and best features, as any great fashionista already knows. Chloe has fabulous legs and presents them to the public as often as possible. Short, flouncy dresses accentuate her flower child presence while also representing her great gams. A perfectly proportioned silhouette that seems effortless is the base foundation of this incredibly personal look she has developed.

The serious key to achieving this style is to not only understand your own personal proportions, but it is to look outside of the box and see the true possibility in every garment. Would you really have grabbed the dress she is wearing on the right and thought it was fabulous?!? Remember, old pieces can look new and new pieces can look old. Vintage chic is about understanding the proper combinations to bring life into all of your individual pieces to have a completly fabulous outifit!!!

Photo courtesy of NYmagazine


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