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Cuff Me

So yesterday I was pulling for a photo shoot and I luckily stumbled into the Kara Ross showroom where I about near lost my mind. I get this way when I am around beautifully awesome things. Her collection was quintessentially my taste and appeared to have been created in my honor (as I fantasize most things are:). Mostly everything was over-sized and had some sort of bling aspect going on. I think I was drooling, very uncool for a stylist.

One of the fabulous pieces that actually jumped onto my wrist (I swear), was this amazing gold python cuff. Divine. As ya’ll know, I am all about statement jewels and this certainly lives underneath that umbrella. Talk about giving yourself a reason to roll up your sleeves!

The retail price-points are a little bit more than I usually discuss at $300 to $700 per item, but every lady deserves a few beautiful, well-made pieces of long lasting jewelry. Kara Ross should be that splurge. She combines materials that you wouldn’t usually think of including lava rock and petrified wood! That is not to say that she doesn’t love her pave diamonds too:) Do yourself a favor and check this jewelry out, you will most likely start drooling as well so make sure you are by yourself!

Large Shirt Cuff in Gold and Gold Brown Python


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