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Dana-Maxx Charity Event

  • by Amy Salinger
  • December 10th, 2009
  • My Style

Yesterday evening I did my mitzvah (good deed) for the holiday season. I worked, as a fabulous stylist, at a charity event benefiting the Women’s Funding Network. See, I am not only a fashionable young lady, but I am going to heaven for my good work as well:) These are definitely two positives I have working for me, we will discuss my negatives at another time….

Along with several other fashionable stylists, I was there to chat it up with attendees and make sure they picked the right pieces from the Dana-Maxx collection. If you were about to question the name tags, that last sentence should have answered you:) Dana-Maxx (yes, that is her real name. Awesome.) is the designer who hosted the event. Decked out in a blue dress of her own design, she too is going to heaven for her good deeds and fashionable choices. We are taking a mini-van together and inviting all other fashionable and charitable ladies to join:)

So back to the event, there was a team of hair and make-up people making each and every model fabulous. Don’t they look fabulous?:) For the first half of the event, the models were walking amongst the guests showing off the Dana-Maxx collection. Next up was a runway show with her holiday pieces.

The lovely hostesses of the party, Jordan and Megan from Non-Society.com, were as comfortable on a microphone as I am! That is saying a lot… The girls MC’ed the fashion show and showed off different Dana-Maxx looks. They had double duty as models and hostesses!

All in all it was a fun evening and we helped to raise money for a good cause. Come one, come all and join me in my stylish minivan up to heaven…


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