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Fashion Faux Pas Central: Fake Bags

Look at them, they are so sad. They know they are the bad copy of something that is fabulous and lives an amazing life. They sit on the streets or in stores that don’t know any better and wish they could travel the world in style like their much more expensive (and amazing) counterparts. I feel for them, I really do.

Now ladies, you know exactly what I am speaking of here…. Fake bags. Does anyone remembers the Sex and the City episode where Samantha goes to great lengths to find her fake Fendi, only to land in some guys backyard staring into a trunk? It is a sad scenario, and yes, these poor little bags are just as sad. They will and can never be the real thing.

I am certainly not suggesting that you go and spend your entire paycheck on a beautiful Gucci bag. Oh no! If you have the funds to allow that time of habit, then more power to you girlfriend! Own that amazing designer bag and wear it proudly! Now if you don’t, that is alright, but don’t go slumming it and try to pull off something that is not, will not and cannot ever be Gucci, Prada, Fendi or any of the other fabulous designers.

Let’s be real here (every pun intended), you are actually completely cheapening your entire look by grabbing a fake bag to top of your ensemble. Anyone who knows anything about fashion is well aware that your bag is not real. Let me be clear, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAG WITH THE LETTER G ALL OVER IT. These copycats are so blatant about their “fakeness” that they are trying to create a Coach/Gucci bag… Huh?

What I do promote is spending that hard earned cash on a fabulous, individual, real bag! And by real, I mean real leather, real hardware, real awesome. Having a designer name on your handbag does not make you the most fabulous girl on the block. Having a fantastically incredible bag that screams individuality, class and style does!

Please, heed this lesson and help take fake bags off the streets. The other truth ladies, if I can be serious for a moment, is that the fake bag industry is a billion dollar a year business run by terrorist organizations. If you thought for one moment that your purchase was not only ruining your fashion sense, but also aiding terrorists, would you buy it? I certainly hope not! Selling fake bags can get you arrested by the cops, but buying one can have you cited by the fashion police!!!!


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  • I always read your blog but this is my first time commenting because I feel so strongly about this topic. Fake bags literally make me sick to my stomach – not only is it tacky, but is such a disrespect to the people who spend hours, sometimes days handcrafting the real thing.

    It also takes away credibility. A lot of times when I have my monogram LV Speedy, people think its fake. I don’t have tons of designer bags, I’m just as comfortable thifting or picking up something in Forever 21.

    I believe that everyone should work with what they have – you can be stylish on any budget.

  • I don’t follow fashion religiously and I have to say that a lot of times it feels the whole fake thing is over-critized. Most items on the market are a knockoff of something else, yes fake bags do carry it to the extreme. I’ve bought a few fake bags before, did I buy them because I wanted to pretend to own a bag by a famous designer? No! I saw the bag in a boutique, thought it was cute and actually didn’t realize until afterwards that it was a knockoff of some designer bag. Frankly, I think buying bags to portray that you own such and such a designer is stupid. Example: girls who claim that they would never buy a coach bag that didn’t have c’s all over it. Why are you really buying the bag? Are you buying it for quality or are you buying it so that everyone else knows you have a coach purse (or some other ridiculously expensive purse). I’ve always wanted to buy a fake white channel tote with the black trim. Not because it’s a fake or a knockoff, not because it has a C on it and not because I want other people to recognize I’m carrying a designer purse. Rahter, it’s because I think it’s a cute enough design that I’d be willing to spend under $100 for but not cute enough that I want to spend $1000+ for. Find me a cute white quilted purse with black trim for around $100 or less and I’d buy it instead.

  • I love these comments! Fake bags are definitely something people usually have a strong reaction to. Truthfully, I was given a bag by a client because she believed it was fake. To this day, I cannot tell. I have looked at the real thing a hundred times and the only difference I see is the roughness of the leather. Some bags are good fakes, some bags are VERY bad fakes, but no one can deny that owning a quality bag is the most important part! Also, once I learned about the terrorist part, I was on a crusade to stop people from buying them no matter what they looked like. Bazaar has done an entire campaign on it… Check it out! Thanks for all of the thoughtful feedback! Keep reading and pass it along!

  • I love this entry! So True Amy. Thanks for educating everyone!!Stephanie

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