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Find a Button Down that Buttons!

It is a miracle!!!!! Finally, a company has designed a button-down shirt that actually closes. No tank tops underneath, no safety pins, no nothin’… It really just closes. How have they come up with such a fascinating answer to an age old problem? It is easy, they created and bought the patent for designing button-downs that are actually made based on your bust size. How damn ingenious.

Everybody knows this problem. It fits your shoulders and your mid-section, but it will not even come close to buttoning around the girls. Or, you buy it bigger so it does actually button and then it is huge through the middle only making you look bigger. So much fun!

No more madness. No more boobie spillage. I am sure many men will shudder at the thought that they can no longer peak inside that annoying opening between the top two buttons, but thanks to Rebecca and Drew, your button downs will now fit properly! See, I told you it was a miracle!

The sizing is really quite simple. You give them your bust cup size, your rib cage measurement (like 34 or 36) and then long or regular in length. See, they even think of tall people! Of course you choose your style and color/material choice and boom, a personalized fit that cannot be found anywhere else. Trust me, I have looked.

Although you may think these lovely little gems are a little pricier, they are completely worth it. Truthfully, they are completely competitive with Theory and they actually fit. What a novel idea. Ladies, this is a foundation piece that can be worn multiple ways with multiple ensembles. I am a sassy and funky girl and I own about seven. They are the type of piece that stylists love because they can be whatever you want them to be!

Michelle Sleeveless Band Collar Shirt with Ruffles $138.60
Long Sleeve Trio Pack $399


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