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Find Your Funk with This Great Bag

I am constantly on the search for amazing, new designers that create beautiful pieces without the ridiculous price tag. A great bag should be anywhere between $150 and $450…. Of course you can go higher, but this is a reasonable standard! Shih handbags fit that mark. They are realistic in style yet trendy in their design. I bought my first one at the beginning of the Summer and the world showed their love for it by complimenting my awesome purchase on every street corner and subway platform.

I was reminded of how much I love this designer when one of my best friends took me to Loehmann’s to get my stamp of approval on her purchase. The funny thing is that my friends and I share a fashion brain and I had already been scoping out this delightfully yummy bag. I got to live vicariously through the swipe of her credit card because the honest truth is I already have a black patent leather bag that would serve the same purpose. Be a smart shopper, you don’t need everything!!!! Truth is that I have been too busy buying antique jewelry lately, oops.

This bag basically kicks ass. Literally. Have you looked at the studs on this thing? I know they are similar to the Balenciaga motorcycle bag, but ladies, I would never direct you toward a knock off. Oh, hell no. It also is a perfectly manageable size to fit your everyday life into without losing it. My best friend and I have very different styles, she is dainty, I am NOT, but this bag really does work for many different “types” of women. It is your individual flashy piece that makes you stand out or, for me, it ties in the rest of my flash!

The greatest part about this bag is that the second strap does not fall off your shoulder. You know you hate that, so annoying. Your entire life is easily accessible and yet difficult for a sneaky pick pocket man to acquire. This is a completely reasonable thought process when you are buying a bag ladies!!!! A great purchase should cover all bases:)

Shih Handbags: Black Patent “Diego Toto” East-West Tote


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