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Great Charm Necklace for Boating!

I love to think of new things that I want. Yesterday, as I was flying to Columbus, OH, I thought yet again about what I want. So many things, so little time. On occasion, I will come up with an idea without having recently seen it anywhere or read about it. This time, I wanted a gold anchor charm necklace.

As I awoke this morning I decided I would do double duty by not only finding what I want, but blogging about it as well. Who said having a hobby couldn’t pay the bills? Love it.

With this being the unofficial weekend to kick off the summer months (thank God), I am thinking everything warm, sunny and close to water. Being that I will be residing in OH this summer this is quite hilarious, but I will find a lake since the ocean seems a bit far off:)

With all of this fun in the sun, it seems only appropriate to cutely play into the theme of the next three months. I love kitschy. Choosing a “theme” for a piece that will be worn often is a fun and playful idea without being obnoxious and cheesy. Switching up a simple charm that is merely a touch of your daily ensemble is a great way to have people remember you and your AMAZING style. Trust me, it will be the first thing people ask you about after your name, job and marital status. Hell, some people just go right for the gold and ask where they too can purchase such a lovely item. Of course yours truly writes the make and model of the piece on the back of my business card to spread the Sass N Style word…. Always thinking:)

Seawear 14Kt Gold Anchor Jewelry

Small to Large: $95-$270


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