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Green Goddess: Hot Summer Accesorries

I found this necklace and I almost died. Sometimes when I find beautiful things my heart literally skips a beat and I often feel faint. It is a very strong reaction. I then gather myself and realize that for a certain amount of money, I can feel that way everytime I put it on. And people ask why you need so much money, ha!

This eight strand green shell necklace is a beautiful creation. It is big, bold and most importantly, not all that expensive. For $150 you can own this amazing summer necklace that will make any of your simple ensemble sing. The color is outrageously amazing and the multi-strand design is spectacular. Can you tell that I like it?

Owning stand out pieces actually makes getting dressed much easier. I know a lot of people veer away from loud accessories such as jewelry, shoes and bags, but those are really the easiest pieces to style! It allows you to not think about your outfit… at all! You can put on a basic all white ensemble and then your amazing stand out piece will do just that, stand out! Sometimes your clothing can be the backdrop to your outstanding look.

Shell Candy Necklace- Green



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  • i love it and can relate to your feelings about statment jewelry. if i had $150 i would buy it right now!

  • I love bright vibrant colored jewelry.. It is the easiest way to brighten up your wardrobe with the seasons hottest colors!

    Green is a color I am in dire need of!

  • I actually saw someone with this piece or one very similar the same day you posted this! In all places Raleigh NC!

    She had on a black ensemble and this piece with a bracelet to match. It looked “big” to me but I thought of your blog. 🙂


  • I love big jewelry:) Size is completely up to you, it really does represent your style!

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