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Help Me Pick My New Headshot!!!!

  • by Amy Salinger
  • December 15th, 2009
  • My Style

I was lucky enough to work with Amy Fletcher last week and have some new headshots taken. Since I have had my “long hair” (I fully admit they are extensions) for a year now, I think it is about time! I walk into auditions and hand them a headshot with my chopped ‘do and they always look thoroughly confused. Usually they have already seen my website and web series and my hair is completely different in everything you look at! The greatest part is I am about to make my hair shoulder length after the new year…..:) As a final note, I know that some of these look very similar, but the differences are enough that I need your help!!!

PHOTO ONE: I am so accessible, stylish and fun:)

PHOTO TWO: Ah, this is my sexy look and mischievous look. Is it working?:)

PHOTO THREE: I am a bit more business up front, yet there has to be a party following me in the back……

PHOTO FOUR: A proper headshot, I am sweet (at least I appear to be:) and “the girl next door”.

PHOTO FIVE: Another “sexy” shot, I little bit of cleavage never hurt anyone’s chances. My only fear is I kind of look like I have a pole up my tush.


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