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Home Made Fabulous

Inexpensive, fun and fabulous! Three words I often use to describe my own style. Now it is time to infiltrate these 3 little adjectives into your very own wardrobe. It often does not take millions of dollars to be stylish and interesting. In fact, some of the richest people I know have the worst fashion sense. It is not always about the dollar amount, it is about how you creatively put it all together!

Over the years I have scoured not only my own old jewelry boxes, but my grandmothers jewelry and any local salvation army store I can find. All with one purpose in mind, to find some awesome stuff. This is most easily done when looking for accessories, specifically jewelry. You can find the most random, amazing pieces that are just looking for a home. Someone to love them again… You can be that person!

The truth is, not all pieces are fabulous when they stand alone. BUT, mix them up with other interesting and creative items and you might just create something outstanding. The easiest way to make this happen is to put some of your fantastic (or not so fantastic) finds all on one chain. Like a good ensemble, it can heighten the style quotient of some of the other pieces by mixing and matching otherwise not so fabulous charms. One of my personal favorite charm necklaces combines a leaf made out shell material from NYC street shopping, a round charm that says “Betty” on it and a totem pole head that I got in Alaska. Each of them separately have personal meaning but are not outrageously great, but together they are a true party conversation piece! Who is Betty? I have no idea, I got it at Salvation army along with the chain. I just let people know that I am a “Betty”, a quote straight from Clueless…. Fashion is what you make of it so be creative in your definitions as well as you ensemble items!

Knife Multi-Chain Brass Necklace with Black Chain by Cecilia Gonzales



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