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"I Have Nothing to Wear!" Mix It Up.

Yesterday evening I was having one of those days….. You know them, the days when you stare into your closet and although there are tons of possible ensemble choices, your brain just simply won’t quit saying, “I have nothing to wear!” Yes, even stylists have those moments and yesterday was one of them.

But as I am sure you all know, you and I surely do have something to wear! Although my brain hurt, I knew I could put together something fabulous from what was hanging right in front of me. The basis for any outfit choices should be made directly in relation to how you feel. I felt like I wanted to be sassy and comfortable, a little sexy and a little earthy.

I have always promoted with personal clients and at my Sass N Style workshops that you should try and begin an outfit with something besides an article of clothing. Pick a pair of fabulous shoes, a great piece of jewelry or even a fantastic bag. You don’t always need to start with the clothing!!! This allows you to think a bit differently when you are putting together a look and it should kick you out of that rut!

This whole look started with my necklace. I haven’t worn it all summer and it is one of my favorite, funky pieces that I bought on the streets of NYC from an amazing jewelry designer. This set the tone for the earthy element. I didn’t want to compete with the necklace, so I threw on a basic white tank top. The skirt was a quirky choice, because it clearly has a “cha-cha” element, but it was white and I was going to make it work! I continued to pull in the earthy element through my vintage, brown lizard bag ($12 at the flea market!), silver and red stone ring and my woven, leather Michael by Michael Kors shoes. I made silver and bronze mixed together acceptable because they were all underneath the “earthy” vibe. To top it all off, I layered the look with a structured jean jacket. I made it a bit more trendy and funky sophisticated. Not to mention that it showed off my shape allowing it to be sexy!

Overall, this ensemble was a success! I achieved the look of sassy, comfortable, sexy and earthy all by pairing together things I already owned! Now it is your turn, think outside of the box and mix up items that you never thought would go together. By carrying through a color or style in the top, middle and bottom using accessories, you are sure to make it work!!!

P.S. That awesome looking dog is Yukon. He is obviously stylin’.


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  • YOU LOOK FAB CHICA!!!!! Something I would MOST DEF wear! I still have to contact you about coming to Raleigh for one of your fabulous classes! I will try to secure a venue (have the perfect place) and a group of 20-50 women. I will email you! God bless!

  • Perfect! Sass N Style workshops are catching on fast!!!! I look forward to hearing from you:) Spread the good Sass N Style word!!!

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