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I Love Nicole Ritchie’s New Jewelry Line

This lovely lady has transformed herself from Paris Hilton’s slightly chubby, badly dressed friend to a fashion savvy media mogul mom. Props to Nicole Ritchie for her swift 180 from her train wreck celebrity status. Her has-been celebrity gravestone will no longer read, “Here lies Nicole Ritchie. A talentless socialite whose only contribution was showing off bad hair extensions”.

And thank god for her revamped style and taste because she has bestowed upon us a beautifully funky, eclectic and reasonably priced jewelry collection. Her mixture of metals, stones and leather makes for a fashion forward vision. The angular shapes she (and her team I am sure:) have decided upon, give an almost Native American feel with an 80’s rocker vibe. All of these pieces make for great gifts this season because they are definitely the right price and they are all available on-line so they are super easy to purchase!

Let’s hope that the Paris/Nicole friendship can withstand the pressure of Nicole’s rising fashion star to Paris’s tacky, oh so 90’s unfortunate wardrobe. Oy.

Nicole Ritchie’s House of Harlow Jewelry Line

Available at ShopKitson.com beginning December 5th, 2008!


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