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January Jones: Style Star

A lot has been said about January Jones style. Love it or hate it, at least she always tries to be original! As a stylist, that is a huge plus for me. She really does always push the envelope and try to create something that sets her apart from the crowd.

Take her SAG 2011 ensemble above. I adored this Carolina Herrera look from head to toe. It is chic, sexy and stylish. The gold lace overlay gives it a classical feel with a funky and modern twist. The hair and makeup are perfection only adding to the look, not competing with it. With some of the over the top looks she has done recently, this was a nice change without taking away from her original sense of style. Yea January.

And then there was this little diddy. Now although the little girl in the “interesting” outfit behind her clearly doesn’t think much of the dress, I think it is absolutely spectacular!!! The bodice, the color, the architectural feel… Phenomenal. This mint green Atelier Versace from the 2009 Emmy’s is quite possibly one of my favorite January Jones looks ever. It is so impossibly different then anything we ever see on the red carpet, this factor alone should score her points. I love the structure of the top combined with the elegant flow of the bottom. It is literally wearable art. The bold hips with cut outs only make me jump even higher for joy. Love, love, love.

Alright I get it, people hated it. I can certainly understand why, but I do want to give credit where credit is due. This is a masterpiece of insane artwork. The construction of this Versace dress is so out of control that I can only imagine how fabulous it must be in person. The layers of fabric combined with the vibrant color make it a natural choice if you really want to stand out. The real question is “How do you want to stand out?” It is not always a positive to look SO different, but it did get people talking about her and she was in every magazine and newspaper. I think the real problem here was quite simple. The hemline should have matched in both the front and the back. I don’t care if it was short or long, just not both! Of course there is the issue with her breasts looking like shooting targets (with a matching pair on her back), but I can overlook that and consider it part of fine art.

Surely I am going to be lambasted for loving this dress, but when I saw her walk out onto the red carpet in this va va va voom Versace dress, I was awestruck. She is truly a vision of sexy vixen mixed with hot 50’s housewife. The juxtaposition of the soft retro hair to the modernity of this fringe dress is the perfect compliment. Honestly, who wears fringe except for flappers? January Jones to the Golden Globes, that’s who. I will admit that it is a bit much is the boob area (although they look pretty good!), but aside from that it is one hot dress. If there had been a slight alteration the the straps, all could have been solved. They are currently angled allowing for spillage on the outside of the dress, never good. If they had been straight up and down, it would have created a cleaner, more toned down line.

So there you have it, my top pics from January Jones that stirred the pot just enough to get people talking. Love that. If there wasn’t a bit of controversy on the red carpet, it would just be boring. So thank you Ms. Jones for always keeping it exciting and classy. It certainly doesn’t hurt that you look like you do.


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