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Jennifer Aniston’s Simple Style

It is simply amazing that almost every time I ask a new client who their favorite dressed celebrity is they say, “Jennifer Aniston”. Really? I guess I get it, she is simple, clean and always seems to look effortless. Well let me tell you the secret, it is. She has admitted, quite openly I might add, that she has no sense of personal style. She hopes everyday to put on something that is so basic that she at least doesn’t draw attention to herself. The truth of the matter is that all of us would look great in such an expensive and simple basics if we too were all that slender.
I commend her simplicity and how elegantly she seems to pull it off, but to strive to have her style is not really striving at all. She does not push the boundaries or even challenge them for that matter. I am not saying that fashion is all about the latest and greatest trend, but I am saying that putting your own personal stamp on your look is exceedingly important. This, my dear readers, is what really defines style.
So next time you think of your favorite dressed celebrity, try and think what sets them apart from the crowd, what is it about their look that takes it to the next level? We can all love simple and classic style, but if that means I am surprised by Jennifer Aniston just pulling back her hair (this is a big step for her in terms of changing her look), then I will pass. Basics are the foundation of fashion, but how you style those pieces to make it your own is what makes you a fashion maven.
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