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Look Inside My Closet

As seen on Lifetime’s site, I photographed some of my favorite items for an inside look into a personal shoppers wardrobe. Living in New York City, closet space is always extremely tight. I make use of the space by staying organized and arranging my clothing by style, THEN color. No one wakes up saying, “I am having a purple day”, so why would you organize your closet like that???



All those plastic bags up top are my spring/summer wardrobe stored away. Oh how I wish I had more closet space!!


Rabbit fur trim suede wedge boots from a consignment store for $130.


Also from a consignment store, this Milly bag was brand new and still had the tags on it! I got it half off.


From a thrift store, I got this unique piece over 10 years ago and I still love it. I got it when I use to HAVE to shop at Salvation Army, now I still do it just for fun. But only for accessories.


Cleaning out the closets of the very wealthy pays off. My client gave these to me because she didn’t like them anymore. The truth is they  hurt my feet, but they say Jimmy Choo so who cares!


From my favorite consignment store. It was $55. It is my sexy pirate shirt for nights when I want to say “grrrrrr”.


This is from a thrift store and it was a gown. I got it tailored, cutting it to make the dress a mini, and it cost more than the dress. A Missoni look alike for a lot less.


Perks of being a personal shopper: I was gifted this by a public relations firm. It is J.Lo at Khol’s and I love it! I continually have people stop me thinking it is super expensive. Pair it will pricy items and it will look that way.mds_closet_amy_08

Also given to me by a client. She didn’t like the print and we were the same size, so I left with it. This might be the hottest dress I own, it looks darn good.mds_closet_amy_09

A great buy from my favorite store, Loehmann’s. I wear it as a pinky ring, because, why not?? Big bling, small finger.


 Found at a great vintage store. It is from the early ’70s. It adds vintage funk to any look.


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