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Looking Great While Eating Cake.

Yesterday was a monsoon in Connecticut, not exactly the perfect day for a bridal shower. Does that mean I just packed up my things and left? Did I whine and complain and put on something less than fabulous? Well I did whine and complain, but I definitely still put on something amazing.

It was a brunch with a group of lovely ladies, most of which I have known since childhood. The bride is a fellow competitive ice skater from my youth (oh so long ago!) and her sister is a fellow competitive dancer. Yes, my mother was nuts and took me to all these activities. Throw in a few high school friends, my mom and all of the ice skating mothers and you have a bridal shower in a monsoon.

Luckily it is Connecticut and you merely have to walk from your car to the door. I am all about dressing for the weather, but I was home with one bag and one outfit, so I wore what I brought. It could have been worse, at least my legs were covered from the elements with tights.

My super cute outfit all began with my black, satin bubble skirt. About a month ago I hosted an event at Bloomingdales and I wore this lovely piece. I couldn’t live without it, I had to have it. I knew it would have a good life with me if it moved into my closet. I paired it with a basic black tank top and my Club Monaco lime green cardigan. I actually got this cinched waist 50’s style piece at a consignment store near my house. I hate paying retail when I am so good at searching!

To really push my 50’s chic with modern day funk look, I added a handbag that I literally think I have worn once. I picked it up at Salvation army years ago and sadly this little electric blue wonder just sits in my closet. Truthfully, it really isn’t my usual style, but a piece like this certainly comes in handy with the right outfit. Example: This outfit! I loved not only the complete throwback to another era, but the color combination really made the whole look pop. If you look closely you can also see I pulled out my favorite vintage citrine ring. It does match the cardigan, which I am usually¬†wholeheartedly¬†against, but it was such a small pop that it was the perfect compliment.

And finally, there was my necklace. Although this might look completely vintage, I only had to travel to Banana Republic to pick it up. I am sure a clever woman might be able to make this nifty piece on their own, I just wasn’t feeling that clever the day I bought this:) It is simply a few bold trinkets, you could most likely pair together consignment store broaches, and voila, you have a fabulous necklace. It was the perfect topper to my fun, funky and fabulous monsoon bridal shower 50’s chic with a modern twist look.


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