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Lovely Lace Lady

Michelle Williams has got a knack for being classy and alternative at the same time. She always rocks a bit of a vintage feel in any look she puts on her back. Whether she is going to the Cannes Film Festival, as seen here, or walking the streets of Brooklyn where she lives with her daughter Matilda, she always look fashionable. She is what we define here in New York City as East Village Chic. Yes, we have styles based on neighborhoods….. It is an eclectic city folks and we have to define people:)

This lacy frock could have easily gone all wrong. Hell, lace is often thought of as an “old lady” material so she is quite possibly bordering on scary for a lot of people. But you stop right there… I said stop! This material, if worn properly, can take you in quite a different direction. Obviously this head to toe lace concoction is not that of an everyday outfit, but think of the sexy possibilities you might offer your outfit by adding in a lacy piece. It says, “You want to have me and my lacy sexiness, but I am a classy lady that will make you wait…. at least a little:)”.

Think of adding it in either on the top or the bottom of your outfit as to still feel comfortable and pretty at the same time. A beautiful lace-overlay skirt would be fabulously sexy and appropriate for most occasions. Even the office is a possible destination for this look depending on where you work. Corporate America might have a heart attack, so save it for after-work drinks! The most common way to work this material is as a tank top possible peaking through your button-down shirt! Just a hint is always a home-run. I cannot believe I just made a baseball reference. If you are a bit funky, taking a cut-up piece of lace and wrapping it around your wrist a few times to create a bracelet is a great idea. Add other pearl and chain-link bracelets on the same wrist to really push the envelope.

Love thy lace.

Photo courtesy of Zimbio.com


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