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Men’s Cowboy Shirts: Saddle Up Boys!

We all know (and if you don’t, I am here to tell you!) that cowboy shirts are a big trend this year. People is the south must laugh at this because cowboy is not a style, it is a way of life! But either way, the rest of the universe is swinging back around and grabbing themselves one of these fun and themed little pieces.

Men are definitely not outside of this trend. They can be cowboy-riffic as well! There may not be a strong need to pull out your cowboy hat and pistol, but obviously this lovely gentleman to the right is really enjoying his! He is very serious about his cowboy style.

This look is not meant to be super-themed. Wearing a cowboy shirt alone is theme enough! Possibly adding in a pair of tattered cowboy boots would be a nice, and not a completely overdone touch. They should be worn under your pants so you are really only seeing the front of them. Truthfully, if you were wearing them with your pants tucked in that would be a whole different post… Most likely it would be labeled under “Fashion Faux Pas Central”. Let’s keep it simple here boys, I know that is how most of you like it anyway:)

You are cool, accessible and understand that being trendy is not wrong. You can show off your stylish side and still look like you are not trying to hard. Wow Matthew Mcconaughey, you really do understand what it is to be a big, strong man and still show a woman that you have your own sense of style. If you un-buttoned your shirt any futher though, I might have to place you with your above counterpart in my “Fashion Faux Pas Central” section. Let’s keep the nipple viewing for running on the beach….

When buying your new, trendy cowboy shirt, you should have fun with your color and pattern choice. Obviously you don’t want to buy something that is too far out of what you would normally wear, but push yourself a little. Think trend, not costume! This French Connection shirt is perfect for a guy that wants to try something new, but doesn’t want the whole party to stare at him when he walks in the door. This is the, “I know what is up and I am not afraid to show it” shirt. Confidence is the sexiest quality in a man and wearing this shirt shows you have it.

French Connection Check 72 Woven $39.99

Photo courtesy of Halloweenit.com
Photo courtesy of Moderngear.tv


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