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My Big Bloomingdale’s Event!

  • by Amy Salinger
  • September 18th, 2009
  • My Style

Word must be getting around town that I am the hostess with the mostess. Only 2 days after my lovely gig over at Rebecca and Drew for Fashion’s Night Out, I was off to Bloomingdale’s in the Short Hills, New Jersey mall. My presence was requested to host an event for their brand, Aqua. It was a rockin’ 80’s party with a DJ and “photographers” (quotation marks are reserved for those people that actually attended the event). Unfortunately, many of the girls buying the clothing were not even born in the 80’s. Oy, my wrinkles are hurting right now.

The day was simple, easy and super fun. Basically, in 80’s terminology, it was rad. I had an entire department of clothing at my disposal and models to dress… Oh yea, and I was allowed to wear anything I wanted throughout the day. Can you say outfit change much? Aqua has apparently gone 80’s crazy because there was leggings galore, sequin coming out my ears and the hemlines seemed to be reaching shirt lengths. Oh how I love the 80’s!!!

The great part about the line is that there were women shopping in the department that ranged in age anywhere from 14 to 65. Love it. As I continually noted throughout the day, trends can be worn by mostly anyone, from any background, it is a matter of how many pieces you decide to pile on. Teeny boppers have the option to completely rock it out, while the more mature crowd should really only reach for one piece. I myself, being 30 and a stylist, have the chance to push the envelope a bit while still choosing a more sophisticated version of this 80’s tornado of style.

Having 2 lovely young models to dress, ages 16 and 18, I got to live out my crazy 80’s fantasy over and over again. They had about 5 outfit changes and all of them were created out of my very leather and fluorescent mind. Have I mentioned I love that overdone era? It certainly didn’t hurt that I was dressing girls that were 5’9 and thin…. It always seems to make outfit creations look better… I guess that is why they have the jobs they do. Damn the young, skinny, tall, hot girls! Again, my wrinkles are hurting.

So most of me is really excited that the lovely decade from 20 years past is back again. The only time my head really hurts is when I see overdone, ice wash, ripped, skinny, high-waisted jeans lurking around the store. Otherwise, if done correctly, the 80’s can seriously be fun and seriously vamp up your look. Loud materials, fun colors and shiny anything never really did hurt a gal. Add some studding to your life and accept that you love the 80’s too!

Bloomingdale’s Aqua Line: Check it out!!!


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