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Oscar’s Best and Worst

The year’s biggest fashion show was last evening and the stars did not disappoint. There was sparkle, there was shine, there was bright, there was nude, but, there was very little risk. I guess when you have people like me splashing our opinions all over the internet, magazines and television programs, it get a little intimidating to try something new and different. That aside, stylists put their best foot forward this season with some fabulous frocks.

At the very top of my list, Mila Kunis. She was sheer perfection in this purple lace and chiffon number by Elie Saab. The fit was spectacular to start. Do you know how hard it must have been to tailor the lace on her chest?!? Not to mention that the color was stunning and romantic. Her team did a great job of truly creating a look. It is never just about one thing, it is about the entire package. Her hair and make-up truly complimented the grace of the gown. I expected something louder with more of a WOW factor from Mila, but this choice could not have been better. It certainly had the WOW without the Holy Cow. LOVE.

And now for my least favorite… Nicole Kidman’s dress almost killed me. I know that Jessica McClintock is a perfectly fine designer for proms across the country, but on a red carpet for the Oscars is not a proper spot. Now truthfully this was a Christian Dior frock, not Jessica McClintock, but you could have fooled me. It was tacky and looked like an overdone bejewled gown. Mr. Dior, really? Every element of this dress made me stop and shake my head, even more so because it came from the usually incredibly fashionable lady, Nicole Kidman. Not sure what motherhood has done to her, but of late, her choices have seriously concerned me. Sorry to be harsh Nicole, you know I still love you.

Now here is the love it or hate it moment. I am not really going either way because there are things I really love and admire about this dress and things that petrify me. Mainly, the keyhole making her breasts a moving target just put her on the worst dressed list for most. Cate Blanchett is a fashion forward lady who paves the way when it comes to edgy fashion, but this frock just missed the mark ever so slightly. I think it is interesting and and beautiful, but I just wish that it had been a square cut out, not a circle! The blush color mixed with the pop of yellow is so eye catching and different. I absolutely love the almost Star Trek like cut of the dress with criss cross back, but I continually come back to the boob circle. Make it stop!

So with awards season officially over, I will now hold my judgments…. for the moment. Style is subjective and I appreciate the effort that every starlet took this year to put some fabulous looks together (even if it was the work of their stylist). Fare the well until next year!


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